How to recover your libdo?

How did you recover your libdo and what helped you to get it back?
share your experience

Unfortunately I have not recovered mine.

Clomid/clomiphene helped me a lot. As long as I did not take too much.

Did you have any out of range bloodwork or did you just take it to try anyways @Crossroads? And experience any negative effects?

My estrogen is quite high at 45ng/dl and so is my testosterone at 895ng/dl (and that was measured during Christmas break where I was just sitting on my ass all day)

Yet my dht was only 45, in range but clearly the ratios are messed up slightly.

I haven’t tried any protocols / methods yet, only Creatine which obviously didn’t do anything substantial.

Yes, all my hormone levels were abnormal. Taking clomid raised my LH and FSH, which raised my Testosterone and Estradiol. I started feeling libido and I started getting erections. But as I continued to take clomid, my libido and erections went away.

Over the years I have started and stopped clomid, taken different doses of clomid, I’ve tried clomid with and without arimidex, I’ve tried arimidex alone, I have tried testosterone with and without arimidex, and I’ve tried injectible and topical testosterone, with different doses or strengths of both the injectible and topical versions.

I get some return of functioning and libido then I lose it again. I stay away from substances/drugs that can make things worse. But I still don’t know which “protocol” will work long term for me. I’ve been trying all the above since the year 2000.

Any side effects for clomid? I am on clomid too but concerned about any side effects.

@Crossroads @anon22245532 and @Lennywilliams123 could you guys participate in our survey so that we can collect more data about our condition?

Here is the PropeciaHelp starter kit that has all the directions inside of it including making a member story and more.

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Did you also have flaccid shrinkage/testicle during these years ?

I had some decrease in size and sensitivity of my penis, not my testes.

My testes got a little smaller on supplemental T, and got a little larger on Clomiphene.

“Had” is it gone now ?