Help please urgent!


I agree with @axolotl. It took me four months after last bout with Prozac to fully “crash”. I think the Zoloft is certainly related in your brother’s case. I’m sorry this happened to your brother. Please don’t feel guilty. Nobody could conceive something so awful happening.



He wants to cryopreserve himself



I wish I could be put into a coma. Honestly I wanna die.



I’ve been trying the option of making a dna test for my brother to see how is it.
Some users here adviced me the laboratory 23&ME,a laboratory in USA that makes health and ancestry’s studies.Genetic testing and analysis.
We are from argentina and i had in mind the option to earn money to travell there,including making the procedures such as passport,visa,health secure etc…
The idea was to make the procedures and ask for a non inmigrant visa,a temporary resident in USA for tourism/medical purposes (that petition have to be made to the local embassy of United States)
According to the 23&Me lab,they send a tub where the patient need to spit a saliva sample.Then, the patient have to send the tub again to the lab and see the results via e-mail,after 2 months.
We are from argentina like i said before and they don’t make shipping to our country.That’s why i picked the option to travell there.
Now the new problem is that,they say that in order to get the tests,we have to be citizens of USA and we don’t have double nacionality,so is useless to travell there because they won’t give me the tub to bring it home.
The idea was to travell to the lab,bring the tub home, for my brother to take the saliva sample,then travell again to the lab to give them the tub,to make the test while i stay there for 2 months.

But now we don’t have any option to make it work!!!
Can anyone give us a hand somehow??? Time pass and pass and we don’t know what will happen.We need to make the test for him now!!!
We can’t wait for the lab to habilitate shippings to our country.Would take months or years!!!



Hi to all of you,people.Hope you are still on the fight.
Some people told me about the 23&me laboratory.And they told me that the main reason about it,is to see if there’s some type of mutation on genes,thats lead to P.F.S
Other told me that the lab only give ancestry information.But also it gives health service.
Shouldn’t be useful for us,both me and my brother?
Because i was told that the lab only offer ancesstry service.What about the health service?
You see,Now is February 15.
My brother started with his issues from December 2018.Now we are just 2 and half months.A lot of time.And my brother didn’t get any better guys.
In fact he got worse.Now he says he can’t be able to taste food.He quited salt even before the problems began,on January 2018.
He lost his apetite almost.He’s so thin and slim now.
I hate this crap.
What should be do guys??? i would like to help him to get over with this once and for all.
Damn aspirine.Scary to think those stupid pills can being sold to the public.
Fucking “health” companies.I’m desperate people what can i do???



We only need the raw data because we will be doing custom analysis using GWAS techniques. The cheapest 23andMe ancestry option is fine. You can then upload the file to us as described here. Thanks for participating.



I don’t know if this helps you but i doubt that it’s Aspirine. I’m sure 99% that this can be olanzapine or zoloft.



It was the aspirine.After it,he dropped testosterone.Still low,can’t increase it naturally.
He took zoloft and lanzapin 2 whole years before the aspirines intake.



Hello tisho…

Please tell us what you know of these Saw Palmetto sufferers? You say “years ago”… was there a large influx of men complaining after SP consumption if so what time period?

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Hello there! Back before, this website was created for the Propecia victims, at this time the people didn’t believe that Saw Palmetto was capable to cause the same damage as Propecia. I don’t really know if there was large influx of men… All I know is out there there is a decent amount of people that are facing the same fate as us, but they have no clue what is going on.



Acts deadly on the male reproductive organ. The same applies to the gel I used. The same.

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I haven’t read that article but well done for finding it @Demon.

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