Help ! honest opinion


Do not take prostamol for any reason


you and your posts are the reason why i will never give up and lose hope. i will hang in


anyones actual testicle feel numb?? My right testicle feels cold/numb…


i have the same since my crash.


Odd enough my total testosterone came back at 650. However it really feels like my testicles arent working, like they are hard and asleep. Im wondering if clomid would “wake” them up! My biggest sense of sensation during orgasm came from the testicles… that is completely numb/gone now…

After my diet and recovery total was down at 415…


When you say “starvation” I’m assuming that’s the same as fasting? Don’t body-builders use fasting to increase testosterone, not reduce it? Seems quite widely accepted that it raises testosterone.
Also some people on the site seem to have some level of success with fasting. Do you have any idea why that may be, with respect to testosterone, 5ar, DHT etc?


That’s a 70% to 80% reduction.

You may be referring to intermittent fasting raising testosterone, which doesn’t last for days or weeks as starvation would?


Could you find any literature has looked into this claim? Just because it is widely accepted, does not necessarily mean it is true. I just passed on what I found in terms of literature.


Whoops, I posted the same study you did previously @awor

Just another rat study, but it shows reduction in testosterone, even from intermittent fasting:

Serum LH, estradiol (female rats) and testosterone (male rats) levels were assayed from IF-DR and control rats. Serum LH level was significantly reduced after 12 weeks of IF-DR regimen in both female and male rats as compared to AL fed controls (Fig. 1I). Further, serum estradiol concentration in female rats on IF-DR regimen was found to be significantly higher (Fig. 1G) whereas, serum testosterone level in male IF-DR rats was reduced (Fig. 1H) as compared to their respective AL fed control rats.

A human study where decreased of T was observed after a period of reduced food intake: