Genital Changes from Androgen Deprivation?

I’m suffering from reduced girth which I presume is permanent.

I’ve noticed new purple spider veins that keep appearing.

Foreskin is a lot tighter from penile tissue loss.

Pubic hair surrounding dick and balls just pure white

If I had to guess this is the result of androgen deprivation, though I’m on TRT and any high dose seems to make things worse. So this is something at the intracellular level for certain.

Anyone else get these sides? It’s just another massive blow on your mental health looking at your fucked up dick and longing for the days when it looked healthy.

Awful side effect. PFS is far more than just mental :frowning: I’d have shaved my hair off there and then if I knew these sides were even REMOTELY possible. This was not labelled on UK leaflet…

Reduction of penis size is a common side effect of finasteride in my opinion, even without PFS. This has been established in countless clinical trials with animals.

As for PFS, yes, most people with PFS have that symptom. The side effect is currently not on the leaflet in any country and in my opinion this is a good opportunity for legal action against Merck, if causation can be proven.

My theory is that this is the result of androgen deprivation due to low tissue concentration of DHT secondary to 5a-reductase type 2 malfunctioning. There are alternative theories.


I think Merck’s lawyers would eat me up and chew me out. UK compensation mostly comes from loss of earnings and unfortunately I can still work with a messed up dick :S

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In animal studies, animals without PFS (so intact ability to produce DHT and/or intact gene expression of androgen-dependent genes) recovered partially or completely their penile tissue size after restoration of androgens. So it is possible in theory.


My body doesn’t respond to androgens right anymore so it’s probably never gonna go back to normal lol

But thanks

I feel you man. SSRIs ruined my dick too. Looks like a child’s dick smh

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Mine looks like it belongs to an 80 year old :upside_down_face:

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Yes mine too. Plus I have Peyronie’s now too. This fucking condition is unbelievable. Destroys everything. Just making it through the day without commiting suicide is an accomplishment


Yes. I’m slightly horny but my penis is flaccid as can be, and my balls hurt. Not a good feeling.

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I had testicle pain when on finasteride but never since. I wondering what was happening to my body during that time…

I’ve had that problem after quitting Avodart. My penis would curve. The problem is a lack of blood flow. My problem now is achieving a full erection, and premature ejaculation.


Did your problem solved? You gained your full penis size back and curve is gone? Even temporary? @Nate95

This issue seems not permanent guys, at least what i learned from many members and discussions whom i pm’ed with, they experienced a temporary 100% regaining of the size.

The curve eventually went away. My penis isn’t the same size because of the lack of blood flow to the penis. I can rarely get a rock hard erection anymore. I’m 38 years old and at times I have the sex drive of a 14 year old for some reason. This happened one time when I went off an antidepressant.

When I first went of propecia I had a sky high sex drive also. However, my testicles hurt severely for some reason. It was like I had persistent sexual arousal syndrome or whatever it’s called.

Hi Nate,

Welcome to our forum! Your experience with an increase in sex drive after quitting antidepressants or Finasteride is not unusual. It’s probably associated with a rebound effect as androgen level recover following the termination of treatment with androgen decreasing substances. Unfortunately, this also seems to trigger a negative correction by our bodies which results in functional impairment.

Please note that the staff of this forum strongly suspect that most if not all anti-depressants have anti-androgenic properties that lead to the same condition as PFS.

May I ask you to take our patient survey. The data generated from the survey will help us to initiate more research into our condition. That’s why we need as many people as possible to contribute.

See here for more information: Post-Drug Syndrome Survey FAQ. Survey NOW LIVE - Please Participate

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