Forum suggestion regarding audience


I wonder why wouldn’t this forum broaden its target audience a little. It is confusing for people with PAS if they come here first time. They will think the forum is not targeting their problem. ( thats what i thought few months ago, before I did my research). First of all the header says nothing about accutane. Secondly not everyone aware that PFS and PAS share similar mechanisms. so people with PAS will come and leave, because its not so obvious, that they can participate in discussions and share their stories here.



We are on it, updates are coming.

Note that our new survey will cater for multiple substances.



Welcome @slick1 and thanks for the suggestion. I just wanted to second what’s been said and let you know this is a long term project and we hope to get to addressing things like this soon. As this site is run by patients on a completely volunteer basis, we are punching above our weight with the projects we are running and things take a bit of time given the need to prioritise and our limited time and energies.

One of the main reasons, aside from power in numbers, to gather patients is (as @Greek alludes to) our survey. This is currently being prepared for roll out to our members this week. The survey is highly detailed and technically advanced, and we would really love to get as many PAS patients aware that they are welcome here and thus able to take the survey, so if there’s any way you can help with letting them know it would be appreciated.