Flamingpie's story- Saw Palmetto Sufferer


thats crazy… can you tell us anything that you did before hand that may have made a difference, anything you did differently?


thinking back I wasn’t 100% recovered during this short period, but it definitely was the best I ever was…eh lets say 85% recovered.

I don’t think I was doing anything differently during the time I was feeling recovered. I stopped taking supplements back in October. All I have been taking is a multi vitamin and fish oil. Other than that Ive just been trying to eat as healthy as possible.

But I have no idea why I got this period of recovery and I have no idea why it went away. I think I’m gonna add vitamin D3 again. Maybe now that its winter and I havent been getting sunlight may have had a negative effect on me.


I cant believe I’m almost approaching four years with these side effects.

Things have been fluctuating ever since my last post a year ago. I can have a week where I have morning wood and multiple random boners, then I’ll go like a month of complete numbness. I’ve added vitamin D3 to my regime again, and I feel like that has been having some improvements. I’m learning that increasing and decreasing my dosage depending on the weather is helpful.

Last weekend I had a massive scare when I picked up a girl at a bar. Right before we entered my bedroom I popped a viagra as a precaution…and I still couldn’t achieve a full erection. I’m hoping that it was because I was too drunk, otherwise I’m really screwed if ED drugs cant even help me.

I see alot of users have been doing water fasts with some promising results. I’m gonna try something like this now, but instead of going weeks without eating, I’m going to try just going 23 hours a day without eating, and then just having one meal. Any other suggestions on what I can do?


My story is almost identical to yours, so I’m curious, how have things been? I just got off saw palmetto after 6 months and and trying to sort through it all but my libido is still continually decreasing


May be not getting drunk?)


Have your T tested.


Hi flamingpie,

My story is very similar to yours, except than I am “only” 24 months off.

How are you doing nowadays? Has anything been helpful? Do you feel like you are more recovered than a few years ago, or have things been stable ever since?


Hey man,

I definitely feel more recovered than I did a few years ago, but I’m still a long ways off. The biggest improvement is that now I get periods where I feel normal that last a little while. For instance, from Dec 23rd all the way to Jan 5th I felt fantastic. Like I woke up every morning with an erection, I would get random erections throughout the day, my junk always looked healthy, normal ejaculation, full on libido. But now for the past couple of weeks I’ve felt shitty again. Not as shitty as I ever felt 2 years ago, but still shitty. I don’t know what it is. The thing that drives me crazy the most is I get that weird curve in my dick where it gets super skinny just in the middle.

Those periods of feeling normal have popped up several times in 2015, i think there may have been like 6 week long periods where I felt like that, so I know my body is definitely improving. But it just gets so stressful when they come on and I just assume that it’ll stay permanently.

Some things I’ve done in the past year that may have helped: joined a gym and do heavy weight lifting 3x a week and cardio 1x a week. I also now carb backload, meaning that on days I don’t do weight lifting I keep my carb intake below 30g, and on days I weight train I have a carb heavy dinner. I also now take a magnesium supplement 3x a week and glutamine 3x a week.

The one thing I did notice during that 2 week recovery period recently was that during that time I was shitting ALOT. I normally don’t poop that much, usually like once a week. But during this period I was going at least once a day. I know I’ve read a lot on this forum as well as solvepfs that people think pfs has somehow caused damage to our digestive system and we may have bacteria/parasites/excess estrogen backed up in there, and that enemas and colon cleanses are a good way to flush this stuff out. I’m gonna be honest I don’t understand any of the science behind these theories, and I try not to spend too much time on these forums trying to figure them out. But there might be a connection. In fact another time I had a week long recovery back in June it was right after I had to get a colonoscopy and I had to drink those prep drinks that have you shitting for 12 hours straight.

For now I’m gonna continue what I’ve been doing, maybe even increase the amount of fiber rich foods in my diet, and continue to try and avoid visiting these forums. I actually highly advise that. Stay off the boards and keep your mind occupied on other things. Hopefully I can come back here in a few more months with some more positive news.


Try Ashwaghanda every day. Authentic Shilajit also helps.

These steps also helps to raise DHT



Thanks for sharing your story man, as many others can relate, having a community of other people here is really helpful in the midst of a crash like I am now. Seems like we’re going to be slaves to a healthy lifestyle for possibly the rest of our lives. I had a week filled with unhealthy choices and now I’m back at 50% when Iv been at 80 for the last couple months.

Any update on your progress?


Hi flamingpie. Would you say you have fully recovered by now?