Finesteride damaged our kidneys bad

this leads to major changes in hormone production, and this is why you are experienceing most of the side effects.

In my case I have been having big problems sleeping - waking up every 2 hours ever since taking this drug.

But i come here today because i think i may have the solution.

We all need to fast and let our kidneys repair.

I would like your thoughts on this. Has anyone else already tried it? i am going to give it a try, im aiming 10 days with juice and water only

do you have any study for kidneys being the cause?

Some people have improved with fasting but it’s not clear what was the source of healing, kidneys, liver, or digestive tract.

i honestly doubt the kidneys have any play in this. keep us updated on your fast though…

in chinese and other far eastern medicine, the adrenals are a part of the kidneys. i have theorized that the adrenals are a piece of our puzzle

i wish i had references, but unfortunately i dont. I have been doing alot of reading and i have read many times that your hormone production is directly proportional to kidney function.

the effect of finasteride on the kidneys may be harmful. However, I have not seen study on people. and in more normal doses.

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Baking soda helped me more than anything I speculated about 3 years ago here if it was kidneys but nobody knows.

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What stood out to you as most improved from baking soda?