Facial damaging , help guys

Hi Guys ,

I have used finastride for 1 month only , its ruined everything in me

My face totally changed , im losing fat around the eyes , my jaw , chin, cheeks get smaller

I don’t know how to stop this ? What should i do guys to.stop this facial damaging .

Please help guys .

What’s happening is you’re losing the collagen in your skin.

DHT is a vital hormone in the production of collagen. It is the fuel of your skin as a male. It produces the sebum, the oil, the collagen, the acne, everything. Without it, your skin is dead, dry, and will age like crap.

This is one of the few sides that every finasteride user will get. If your DHT is lowered then so will the quality of your skin, period. This side is treated the same as any other PFS side, i.e. it is not treated unless you’re willing to do steroids and anabolic drugs for the rest of your life.

Don’t bother using retin-a or any other skin cream. You can try, if you really want to, but without DHT your skin cells are frozen and won’t produce collagen even with the most rigorous skincare routine. Retin-a can dry your skin ever harder and irritate it without much gains in the appearance. This is one of the main side effects I got with my treatment.

Thanks bro for this information .
Today i did DHT test , maybe tomorrow i will the result .

So , i have to expect a low value in DHT right ?

And the only way to improve this issue is to maintain dht level ,

So do u think bro if the dht get back to the Normal range , i will get improve for this issue ?

Before 2 days i did testo test , it 307

Any advice bro

@Kio94, are you still using the drug?

Noooo , impossible

No i don’t use anything , i dont use any supplement also

So guys please advise me . Because i feel lost

Im losing fats like crazy , my back , my legs , my fingers , my neck , everywhere

Your dht is probably going to be in the healthy range based on your T. But your genetics may call for even higher dht than that.

Why is your T so low? What’s your lifestyle like. Getting your T up is the first step for you.

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It might be bone loss. Thats what myself and my brother have. Smaller jaw, chin and cheekbones. Rare but real side effect, not even acknowledged by some.


@Zonz Don’t give wrong information. The problem is not the lack of DHT, but our body’s lack of response to it. I know people who have DHT levels over twice the upper limit of the range who are affected even worse than us. The problem lies in the AR (androgen receptor) which does not respond to DHT stimuli. It’s like connecting a video card to a broken display. For some pfsers, increasing androgen levels could be downright dangerous.


Did the bone loss stoped now ? Or its progressive
Maybe after one year i will lose all my jaw

No it stops. But its reduced in size, less masculine.

Care to link me the studies on that?

Hey @Zonz

As you may or may not be aware, there are relatively few studies examining the condition from which our members suffer. I think what @Rb26dett is referring to when he says

is that there are many accounts on this forum of sufferers trying to remediate their symptoms by increasing Testosterone, DHT and they have found either no change in their situation or sometimes a worsening of their symptoms. From 2009, you can read here how one of the admins of this forum, Awor, described his experience of increasing androgens

And in another post here from 2010, a member stated

to which Awor replied

There are other examples. So, this is why “getting your T up” is often not an appropriate course to suggest for many with PFS.


Is it possible that there are multiple forms of PFS? My dht is low, like really low. Just barely in the healthy range while my testosterone is extremely high in the 800-1000 range. Presumably, because it’s not turning into DHT. I probably have high estrogen as well as another punch to the gut. But now I see a lot of people on this forum have perfectly balanced hormones but all the same sides as I. Sorry for giving out wrong information, I guess I was just assuming people were in the same boat as me. I’m not 100% sure I know what boat I am even in yet. I’ll have to see how I respond to dht treatment.

Thanks for the comprehensive post. I have also seen some users report good things on Proviron and other synthetic DHT treatments.


Guys , I changed from man 26 years to boy 12 years old .

My face , my body , my voice , my beard .my fingers , everything is shrinking .

Please tell me what’s the direct action , start with TRT ?



TRT will probably make you worse. HCG might be safer