Experiencing my first crash from fin. I have an appointment with Dr. Irwin Goldstein on Jan. 20th, help me make it until then with as little pain as possible

Hello Everyone,

This is my first post on the forum, but I’m too exhausted to make a big introductory post right now so I will keep it short. I am experience my first crash since taking topical fin for a month in September '21. I never knew about PFS until my crash started a couple weeks ago. I can’t sleep, I have anxiety that is causing blood pressure spikes, ED of course, reduced libido. Most recent blood tests show testosterone at 158, (was 284 a week ago) estradiol at 23.1. Been trying to work out (cardio plus weightlifting) every day to resist changes and get T up, hot baths as well. Help me make it to my appointment on Jan. 20th. What can I do to alleviate my symptoms until then? Please keep things positive, I know how serious this is but I am trying to maintain a positive outlook for now, for the sake of my mental health.

How much dosage was your topical fina?

And don’t worry yet, just quit and wait a few months. You don’t have PFS yet. If it’s not better after 6 months come back.

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Thank you for the positive outlook, but I’m pretty sure I do have PFS. My side effects (difficulty ejaculating and heart palpitations) went away and then I crash again months later and I have 150-something testosterone (I’m 36 years old). My dosage was 1 mg daily. Are you suggesting I should not seek medical attention and just wait and see? That seems way too risky to me.

If I can give you advices from my personal experience
It would be these two:

1- don’t worry about it, Every time I get an attack of Anxiety my condition gets worse, so I would tell you to stop thinking about any sexual activity for a month or two, unless your body is desiring it (which is a good sign)

2- don’t take any medication, and remember people on this forum have tried every kind of medication that you can think of, so don’t waste your time

Thank you, what you’re saying rings true. I have read some stories on here of people who mostly or almost entirely recovered after seeing Dr. Goldstein so I hope that is the case with me as well.

Please share the links of those stories if possible.

Here is one: My story and RECOVERY :)

This user has seen him: dr Irwin Goldstein from San Diego Sexual Medicine

And now says his mental sides are gone, he can get spontaneous erections, and he can maintain an erection as long as it is stimulated: Relaxation of pelvic floor = Full preFinasteride erection

The former host of the PFS Global Support podcast was his patient and is almost entirely cured and lives a normal life now, even had a kid after PFS: https://www.blogtalkradio.com/pfsglobal/2015/09/01/e32-dr-irwin-goldstein-shares-the-truth-science-behind-pfs

I know I saw another one who saw Goldstein and then later said he was 90% recovered but I can’t find it now.

Anyway, I tried to make an appointment at the mayoclinic, but they referred me to two doctors, Goldstein, or Rachel Rubin in DC, who is Goldstein’s protege’. So if the mayoclinic said to go to them, then I figure that’s my best bet.


Don’t want to damper expectations but I wouldn’t go into Dr. Goldstein expecting to get fixed in some way. He has no insight into PFS beyond anything you have in the forum, he markets himself as a key authority, has little to no awareness of the recent Pfs studies that have taken place. For me it was almost a comical experience that could have been done over the phone.

He will happily prescribe a bunch of drugs though, of which you can largely get these from other urologists. He will take your money as well (no insurance) and charge you 250 for “courtesy” maintenance calls. I would recommend doing one visit with Goldstein, get a download on the therapies he’s been trying recently. Then find a urologist/endo close to you who knows pfs, and work with them with insurance.

Just my two cents! Goldstein is a nice man, but after my two visits, it becomes clear he’s just experimenting like everyone else.


Samething with Mark Gordon the daddy of interventional endocrinology copus amounts of shit talking but nothing but hormone replacement therapy…There is nothing wrong with your hormones to begin with as awor preached here 10 years ago…molecular level damage…no fix.

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Hi @RockyMountaineer and welcome to the forum!

Can you fill in the template that appeared when you created your post? (Copy it from another thread and paste it in here.)

That way we’d get a more complete understanding of what your situation is like.

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Do you know which of the hosts of the podcast is almost entirely cured as there have been a few? Is it the one in the link?

Yes it’s the one in the link. You should listen to that podcast, he talks about his recovery while interviewing Goldstein.

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