Escitalopram, 11 pills almost 5 years ago (woman)

How you treated your SIBO? I don’t have dizziness or brain fog anymore (hopefully won’t come back) but my digestion/gut is not functioning well. Probably this is due to autonomic nerve damage for me. I reacted badly to B6 and got another toxicity which damaged me seriously physically (skin, muscles, collagen, connective tissues, probably peripheral nerves). I didn’t get any new brain issues but became very-very sick physically. Previously I was physically already in very good shape even with PSSD and some - improving - cognitive issues. I was diagnosed with CFS as well (that’s just pure toxicity in my case). I also had a type of chemical sensitivity for years after the reaction. It is not delusion, psychiatrists don’t know anything. Short exposures of strong perfume eg. would set off my brain fog and in my worst times, head pressure and cognitive decline for the rest of the day. In the first years it was so unbearable that I could sometimes only lie in my bed suffering from the heavy head pressure unable to do anything. Good thing is that I don’t experience those anymore and hopefully they won’t come back.

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Usually when your gut isnt working well nothing works well. Have you seen a gastroenterologist or nutritionist? You can find specialists for digestive diseases and i bet if you fixed whatever is wrong with your gut your other symptoms will improve. Look up leaky gut (intestinal permeability) as well its a real disease that can be tested for.

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@MasterofPuppets, perhaps she hasn’t raised DHT adequately to re-sensitize the receptors?

@Janie, thank you for the detailed member story and please remember to take any advice provided by fellow members here with a grain of salt. This shouldn’t need to be said, but there are those who see improvements that they attribute to a particular treatment(s) and base a subjective theory of the underlying mechanisms of PFS, PAS, or PSSD around how they felt at the time.

Would you mind sharing what the other exposure was besides B6 that you had problems with?


My condolences, jesus… My brother and mother was on this for months during their depression and no wonder it made them worse, wish you a quick recovery, and hopefully to your former self.


Still they shouldn’t be dismissed because you think it’s subjective. Everyone here who gets better each has a clue in how to fix this mess

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I believe what you’re saying about the the gut 90% of us all have a few symptoms that are the same and those are:

Gut health
Sleeping disorder

They might seem like small problems but the gut holds 80% of our immune systems and deep sleep is essential for recovery as this is when our body repairs itself. If the two are dysfuctional then you can bet your life on it you will not heal up. I’d recommended everyone to watch the podcast with Joe Rogan with the sleep expert it will blow your mind!

Thank you Master for sticking around and offering support I appreciate you reaching out to people.


Do you even know what sibo is? why the hell would you tell her to take my advice to get a noninvasive breath test done “with a grain of salt” when her illness is this severe? I dont know what to say to your snarky comment other than I am NOT letting anyone die because they’ve never heard of sibo. No one here even talks about it except for me but many people have unexplained chronic diarrhea/constipation, which is usually sibo which can be caused by the use of certain drugs especially ones that can cause pfs.


This woman comes here to share her PSSD story and since you appear to have set yourself up here as a “guru” who has cured himself during the time people often recover naturally, thus making you an expert in treating this condition, you are recommending she has a test for bacterial overgrowth based on what?

Your theory of PFS is an imbalance of DHT/estrogen for any man that posts, now it’s bacteria when a woman posts complaining of the female equivalent of the same condition?

She has lasted 5 years so far, doubt she will die from a condition she is unlikely to have doctor.

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Bro wtf do you not even understand hormones at all or anything i’ve ever said

Never claimed to be a “guru” you absolute numb nut condescending retard fuck this website.

That is fine. There are other websites available to you. It is doubtful you ever had a post-drug condition and have claimed a recovery and shared your personal method. Your business here is finished.

@janie, apologies that your topic became part of the drama here. You seem like an intelligent person and certainly must have sought proper medical attention for any egregious symptoms of PSSD or issues that coincided with it.

Perhaps you need to stop scaring away members particularly those who just want help others this isn’t a place to undermine people- it almost seems as if you have a chip on your shoulder. How can you assume he never had a post drug condition when clearly he was struggling like everyone else here there is people who do improve you know why should he be discredited? And yes @Janie I apologise for the childishness here. I hope your condition improves!

Jesus. This guy is trying to help, obviously the last comment is uncalled for. But sibo or gut related issues can be what’s surpressing many of our bodily functions, as one who experienced organ failure during my crash, working on my gut health substantially reduced the potency of my sides.

I did a liver flush and crashed due to my gut still repairing itself and was overworked due to the epsom salt, i experienced brief moment of complete impotence, numbness and hard flaccid state… Nobody knows for certain the reasons for this member, but any input should be appreciated and not bashed upon…

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Sorry, I wasn’t clear. It was the B6. In excess it can cause severe toxicity attacking the nerves and leading to small fiber neuropathy and damage to autonomic nervous system too. I was already much better before that.

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Again, sorry to hear that. I developed persistent insomnia and had a seemingly irreversible worsening of post-Accutane symptoms (much improved though) around this time last year that began after adding methyl-B12 to SAMe. Looking into people’s experiences with B vitamins, I found many saying they developed neuropathies from B6. Some were even claiming moderate doses of ~25mg daily caused this. Of course, the bloggers on alternative health websites were saying B vitamins are harmless and impossible to overdose on. Rubbish!

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If you are making dangerous pseudo-scientific statements it is the duty of the Admin to warn others of that fact and tell you to cease and desist.

I am referring to notions such as detoxing, mineral salts having a real effect, and the unfalsifiable ‘catch-alls’ of the gut (just the latest fad) which scientists still know so very little about. If the experts don’t know much, don’t pretend to.

I developed persistent insomnia too along with the above mentioned (collagen melting down from my face, skin dried up all over, connecitve tissue damage, muscle weakness, excercise intolerance due to stressed out CNS, chronic fatigue, weight loss). That’s insane. I was already physically fit with PSSD, looking 100% healthy, planned many activities. Melatonin does not really help with this and insomnia is now my main problem as sleep is when the body repairs any parts and needed to feel even minimally ok. I think insomnia is in my case liver/adrenal/gut related now, not too little melatonin.

PS: PSSD is not changed but all the above is worse now

I have read numerous reports about the gut on this forum and we all know that finasterides messes up the gut as does other drugs so for me all we have right now is other peoples reports and success stories to go on and the hope is to replicate what fixed them or at best learn what made them better so we can understand this syndrome. My own gut has been completely destroyed by finasteride I had diarrhea for 5 months every single day so I absolutely do believe there is a connection.

I was taking melatonin and sleeping pills last night I didn’t take any only vit c, magnesium with vit b and berberine I slept like a baby for the first time in months I’ll report back and let you know if it improves a few weeks from now as it’s only been only one night.

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