Elliot story poisoned by este medical group illegally

Beautiful write-up. This is great advice. We need to be level headed about this and take care of each other. This community has so much untapped potential and I just wish more people had this mindset. Thank you, Seneca. We will all get out of this together, but we need to just hold tight.

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Great advice @Seneca !

Thanks for all the kind comments, my symptoms are getting worse.

with it now being 13months I find it impossible to believe this can be reversed.

I read some stories of people recovering within 1-2 years and then also people who have had this for a decade.

the sleep is big issue no more than a few hours a night for months now and I have taken strong medication which should of knocked me flat out.

I’ve always suffered with panic attacks so you can sort of understand why this is not really even being considered for carrying on much longer.

ive lost everything I can event shout or speak properly anymore or get angry, cannot remember simple things like if I play xbox with friends or speak normally.

has anyones tinnitus ever resolved? mine has been constant since about march

thanks I would love to join the group chat.

I keep declining if there was some type of halt in the symptoms I could work towards getting better but its never ending.

From what este medical group have done to me I cannot see the difference between this and say an acid attack,

its destroyed my looks, body, my ability to go outside with friends family, my ability to sleep etc

people who have told me im going to be fine look at me as the same way I looked upon family members before they was battling cancer in the final stages.

Its a feeling when you can look straightly through someone and know that you might not see that person again,

I want to believe that we can all get better but there is so many different theories of how people have recovered its a puzzle.

That being said I do honestly from the bottom of my heart hope you all can lead normal lifes again.


totally necessary, everyone is suffering and we need to help each other.