Does it really happen to me?


I didn’t try medicine.i just wait. And after 11 days i got really almost the same as i used to be.most symptoms disappears or really immeasurable.i think i could get over it.


please help.why no one reply.i am scared.for 2 days i was better but now i have problems again.i can’t have deep sleep.i woke up more than 5 times at nights without any reason.i don’t know about my sex condition.i can Masturbate.but it’s a little bit different from the has past 18 days since i quit the drug.please help me


Hi Snow. Don’t worry about it. 18 days is not enough for body to readjust. Just take your time. Avoid stress, and stop reading the Internet. Just relax workout and eat healthy for 2-3 month
You have to give yourself more time and don’t be stress free.

I also had sleep issue for 1 and half weeks, but afterwards it went away now I can sleep normally. So I guess slowly it’ll heal.

Also you can take multi vitamin tablet to boost health and try to exercise or get sunlight everyday


Thanks man.finally someone responsed. I was suffering from Tinnitus for 1.5 year. I had difficulty in spleeping. I can’t tolerate this new hell. I have questions. I don’t have hair loss now so could it be a sign that amount of DHT is still low in my body? are there any test that shows I have PFS? like amount of DHT. it’s my test result. does it show anything?
Sperm Count(mill/ml)= 35.12
Motile Sperms(%)=34.43
Progressive Sperms(%)=26.23
Norma; Morphology(%)=38.00
Thank you.


I can’t say anything about that also DHT doesn’t effect Sperm count, Testeesrtrone affects it more. There’s a specific test for Test, DHT and everything

You should get yourself checked out for a doctor. Ask him. For the hormonal checkup.


dude imao throw out this numbers and everything, chill out live healthy go to gym dont stress out…its going to be a long bumpy road


fuck the mental sides. without them i would give a fuck


Recently i notice new side effect.Testicular Shrinkage.does it get back to normal?


sometimes it reverses, how is ur sleep ? is it improving ?


Hi. i still have problem with sleeping.actually my left Testicular Shrinkaged and the right one is the same. In the left i also have varicocele 1 and hydrocele. Could this things be connected together?


hi. dude pfs messes with everything, so base on my experience everything is going wrong with me after PFS is pretty much related to pfs. i got testicular pain and lower back pain a few weeks after pfs. it went away after a year or so but even now sometimes i still get the pain, did u get anhedonia after ur crash ?


I think yes.the has changed.i just want to not exist anymore.


cowboy up and hang in there buddy.


hang in there it gets better overtime, stay away from stress, eat healthy and hit the gym whenever u get a chance


My major problem is severe depression.i cant do anything.whats wrong with me?i want to not exist .sometimes i think about suicide.