Dealing with bone loss / demineralization and reduced blood circulation

A month after stopping fin, I lost a ton of weight. Could that have spiked my vitamin d levels?

Did you have any of the symptoms of hypercalcemia such as bone pain, abdominal pain, frequent urination?

Yes i had, especially bone pain. But even if its symptoms on hypercalcemia i believe it depend on other things. Believe it or not i got it down from psychdrugs. Im convinced most of these physical problems are due to inbalanced brain chemicals, but its my opinion

Do you eat much yoghurt? I mean is it really a good idea when you say you want to lower calcium.

Right. Im trying to avoid high calcium foods now. No dairy and vitamin d supplements.

So I’m assuming these symptoms cleared up for you, is that correct?

Sounds good you try to eliminate it.
On the other side you have the sun.
Yes they cleared up. I felt like a skeleton in the worst time but it may have been psychiatric medication may have reversed it. Of course i dont recommend to take pills without thinking but i just give my story
But socializing is very powerful for the brain, without side effects except covid19 possibly😁

Which hormone does the antidepressant target?

Have taken different but increased norepinefrin or slightly decreased dopamine and serotonin levels has been good for me, especially the last but a bit too early to evaluate completely. But i dont know the exact mechanisms, the doctor has probably much more knowledge than i can see on google

Ah, I see.

Out of curiousity, how long did the bone pain last?

6 months maybe but broked it with antidpressant.
I see you lost pretty much weight so is there a way to increase the weight rather than starring blind on its necessary to eat clean all the time we see in the recoveries?

Man. That’s depressing that it didn’t go away on its own. Did the pain go away immediately after taking the antidepressant?

So far, I haven’t had much success with gaining back weight.

I’m wondering if I can rebalance the chemicals in by brain my avoiding any thoughts related to PFS.

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A bit. Yes but i suspect the sleep was a big key. With antidepressant i slept so it could very well be insomnia related

Im sorry for its difficult to increase weight.

It wont hurt atleast. Ive read positive thinking persons have longer telomeres which makes it easier to heal from diseases. There is science behind it. But hold it balanced and not becoming over optimistic, it can hurt on the other side.
But again i just tell my experience and i cant say it works for others even with same symptoms.

I believe this is 100% true.

As much as it sounds a bit like “feel good pseudoscience”, ALL of my recoveries have come after persistently seeing multiple doctors and talking to therapists.

It wasn’t any specific treatment or advice they gave me, but I believe after a certain point my pysche gives in to being so cynical and depressed all the time, and accepts the doctors telling me that on a surface level I am fine.

After such recoveries, I still have certain symptoms, but my anxiety and sleep and general behavior is MUCH better. Which creates a positive cycle of a lot of my other symptoms.

I do believe we have some epigenetic/endocrinologic problems. But I believe one of the biggest manifestations of that disbalance is on our neurological system. Melcangi’s and other studies demonstrate this as well, with the deficiencies of crucial neurosteroids in our system.

And as @fixit has said, we know that our neuro system is influenced by vicious or useful cycles it’s impactes by our own thinking and behavior.

I do think I suffered brain damage from fin.
Immediately after my first dose, I had a huge headache and blurry vision.

Ever since I got pfs my arms and legs fall asleep far more frequently than before. It’s been one year and it hasn’t subsided at all.