Could GHB be our fix?

Could GHB really be are fix the track record of this looks high. If so any thoughts on how we could talk any doctors into prescribing this? Also has anyone not had any recovery on this, that anyone knows about. I think this is something that should be really looked into…

I think 4 or 5 guys on here have tried it with 2 saying it cured them or helped them and but I think I recall a few people saying they tried Xyrem (which is basically weaker presciption GHB) and they said it didn’t fix them.

I’d be willing to try it, except its next to fucking impossible to get in most countries unless you know a dealer, thats probably hard to cause it’s kind of a niche drug. In the USA its in the top tier of restricted drugs thanks to a few assholes using it to knock girls out and rape them. Used correctly its basically harmless and really good for sleep. You used to be able to buy it at most health food stores in the early 90’s in the USA.

At least from these anecdotes it’s interesting. I’ve seen a paper outlining it’s effect on gene expression in mice. It effects hundreds of genes so maybe it’s changing a few favorably temporarily. It is perscribed to some for SSRI Discontinuation Syndrome. As everyone knows, it is neurotoxic though with chronic use. It’s effects might be more helpful narrowing down root cause than “our fix”. Also, unless I’m missing something I don’t see where it has helped those of us with severe sexual sides- ie, shrinkage.

If you can get it, then try it. Simple.

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