Cold Hands and Feet

I have PSSD from Citalopram for about 6 years. I’ve never had this problem before, but last year after having a flu with a fever at 40 C, I took a 1000 mg Paracetamol tablet, because the 500 mg tablets that I tolerated perfectly seemed not to work. I had a crash with blurred vision symptoms, and general sickness that lasted for a month, since then I seem to have colder hands and feet. It is not constant but only when I am on PC, or at certain times of the day, it passed with the summer but this symptom returned this autumn.

What can it be due to? How can I solve it?

I have it. During the night my feet are very cold. I also get pins and needles during sleep in these areas constantly. Measure your thyroid hormones would be my suggestion.

I get very cold feet too even though the rest of me is warm and I’m generally a warm/hot person

hi!did you test it? how is the result? and are you feeling better now ? i have the same symptom

I have to check my thyroid, in the last blood test the values were just decent.

I went on synthroid a few years ago and it helped with this. I still get cold hands outside but it’s not as bad.

My tsh was around 3.6 and went to around 2.6.

There is a dance that thyroid and adrenals play to keep hands and feet warm. Its delicate and tough.

RT3 must be low.
T3 must be upper 1/3 of range.
24 hour urinary cortisol must be upper 1/3 of range
Less important but selenium, magnesium, and iron must be in range.

If all are in check your hands will be warm.

If any of them are out of check then you will be cold.

Track your temperature every hour. If its fairly consistent but low then you need to take more T3. Dont take t4.

If your tempterature is constantly fluctuating then you need to take more hydrcortisone.

Ive been messing with this balance for almost a decade and tend to let my cortisol go too low, which then makes the T3 I take not work.


You nailed it bro. Cold hands & feet have been annoying me for years and they’re especially painful when ambient temperature gets too cold. I’ve been to NYC for 2018 new year’s eve and walking around the Central park gave me excruciating pain! My fingers were literally turning white due to constriction of blood vessels. Also one of my toes got seriously injured. Read up Raynaud syndrome.

There’re many causes as you’ve detailed. Other causes may include low E2 due to its influence on Serotonin and intake of caffeine because it increases adrenaline that triggers a stress response.

Btw, what’s your take on Hydrocortisone? Did you have adrenal insufficiency?

I took 25mg/d DHEA because my DHEA-s always comes back below reference range but after 3 weeks of supplementing I started getting low Cortisol symptoms.

I mentioned I was able to induce this to a pretty strong degree taking the probiotic l. reuteri 6475.
It makes you wonder whats really going on.
My hands got so cold and numb I couldn’t even grip a pizza cutter properly.
I also felt this coldness in my face and buttocks, so basically systemically.
It felt like being exposed to cold temperature without the ability to warm back up again.
It was extremely uncomfortable and a little concerning.
Even my eyes and gum tissue felt cold.
Very strange, but I use everything as a lesson.

The probiotic made you feel this way? @guitarman01

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Yes. I was trying to figure out the reason, I was aware of this strains immunosuppressive properties going into this. Knowing this supplement produces histamine, I figured I could block the h2 receptor to negate this effect. That didnt work, and actually made things worse, so then I tried blocking the h1 receptors with zyrtec, (these were both at higher doses) that didnt work either.
So now im looking at something else that I have brought up in another thread th17 immunity.

On a side note, if I was to criticize myself, I realize the possible danger of how I go about things on a play by play or as I go basis for others. Meaning I was sort of talking up this probiotic and its histamine producing ability as an “it factor” that turned out to be a negative effect after looking at or trialing this long term. Like I said though, I try to take everything as a learning experience.

I took a probiotic with Reuteri, rhamnosus and one other strain at 50 billion and it made me feel like shit for a day pretty much felt like I was sweaty and lightheaded like I was gonna faint