Cell Medicine Panama


Has anyone been to Cell Medicine in Panama for stem cell treatment? If I could go, this is where I’d go for treatment.


We really don’t know what is causing PFS to begin with there was another victim on here who got stem cell treatment with no luck, it’s probably incredibly expensive on top of that.


Right, but apparently these treatments address autoimmune and neurological disease. So it’d be interesting to see if anyone went there for treatment and if they experienced any benefits.

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Ive already mentioned to @dgreene but I applied recently to Panama and got turned down. My neurologist said I had a functional neurological disorder but Panama wouldn’t treat it. You would have to apply as an autoimmune condition but may have to prove your condition is autoimmune through a Dr. Anyone have ideas on this? I thought the Foundation ruled out autoimmune.

They seem like a stand up company, otherwise they’d have just took my money and asked no questions. The head Dr was on Joe Rogan show with Mel Gibson, seems like a really good guy.

The treatment plan starts around $23k for a 5 day programme.

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Is the general treatment the same as the ones for autoimmune treatment?


No the general program lasts 3 days, the AI lasts 5 days with different target areas.


Did you talk to anyone over the phone or is this all via email?


Do you know if they do it for autoimmune inflammatory bowel disease or gut inflammation? Maybe stem cells can help the gut heal.


I haven’t rung them, you could give it a try. I’m not a science guy but I think the gut and brain are both connected, trying to fix one without the other might not work permanently. In the brain it seems that the prefrontal cortex covers many of our neurological issues. If the gut issues are due to over expressed/changed receptors then I don’t see stem cells fixing this. They review cases individually so they might look at AI bowel disease.


This is what they require before treatment.

In order to receive final approval for treatment we will need you to send in the following information for review:

1. Report/note from a recent doctor’s visit giving an overview of your condition (ex. Letter from your physician on letterhead with signature/stamp or copies of medical records stating your diagnosis/current status)


Do they still require this for the general treatment?


This is what they sent me for general treatment, seems like standard letter on health but you’d better check with them.


What did you tell them? That you have PFS? or ED? I didn’t realize they would be so strict even for the general treatment.


Ive already mentioned but My neurologist said I had a functional neurological disorder but Panama wouldn’t treat it.


What do u mean functional neurological disorder? Like neuropathy? I feel like they would try to treat neuropathy as they treat spinal cord injury


If you intend on going to Panama good luck with everything. Hopefully my answers have helped you with a potential application.