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That’s unfortunate, but a typical experience for most guys when they go to visit their docs about this problem.

I’m just curious though – you posted this thread as a “recovery” (this section for guys who have nearly or completely recovered from drug’s side effects), yet it sounds like you’re still having problems.

Thus, I see this thread more as an extension of your Member Story – – and can see it having more relevance if it were moved there. Your comments?


sorry maybe misunderstood the use of the recovery area of the website. I’m definitely far from full recovery. I started the thread as a recovery for me, because I began to see positive signs that I am improving and thought they might be worthwhile to share.

Let me know if you prefer that I ad my posts to “my original story” thread.


I am a pretty laid back guy for the most part, but this guy was pissing me off. He’s an old timer Dr. He probably takes offense to anyone trying in inform him about anything. I need to go back to this office one more time to review my blood test and hopefully get some type of script for clomid or TRT. If he refuses to right a script for me, I’m going to tell him off in a big way.

I felt great when I went away on a trip 3 weeks ago, but reality has set in and I’m far from recovered. It seems the longer we are off of this drug we gradually get better, but having low T levels for an extended period of time is very unhealthy. I am determined to find something that works for me. I am thinking of trying to find a way to try HGH. God knows I’ll never get a dr. to write script for me.

Yes, until users have nearly (ie 80-90%) or completely (100%) recovered from their longterm side effects, it is advisable we keep things to Member Story section.

For those that do recover (not right after discontinuation, we’re talking the longterm sufferers), the RECOVERIES section is the place to share HOW THEY DID SO so others can hopefully try to replicate their success.

That said, I have merged your Recovery thread to your Member Story. Cheers.

Good. And if that happens, please share with us. Not that it will help our situation at all, but this guy needs an earfull.

I would say that I am definitely in the 80-90% range of recovered and sometimes even more. I just take the word recovered to be just that, recovered. Based on those guidelines I could post there, but I’m going to wait until I get even further along the road. I think that’s a huge thing to say that you are all better, especially after what we’ve all been through. Not something to be taken lightly. Actually, IMO there are too many posts in that section that don’t belong there. I will post there one day, just not yet.


Do you mind if I ask what you did, that you believe might have helped your recovery. Were there any medications that you used or TRT?

No, no meds. After this whole mess I swore off the pharmaceutical industry for good. I’m not saying they don’t have a place, emergency medicine that is. But when you actually look into the drug industry and start following the money trail, you learn what a big scam it is. They are out for one thing and one thing only, money. It’s a billion dollar a year industry. They don’t want people to get better, they want people to continue buying their drugs. That’s what they’re in business for, to sell drugs.

Anyway, I could go off for hours about that topic but to answer your question, I attribute a few different things to my increase in health thus far. I have been off the drug since 6/15/07 and since that time I have done two extended water fasts each one lasting 21 days. I would follow up each fast with a very strict raw food diet that would accelerate the healing process even more. The first raw food diet lasted 9 months and the second one lasted three. Each time I noticed huge increases in my health and vitality. Between these times I did a juice feast that lasted for 45 days wherein I consumed any where from 5 to 6 liters of fresh, raw fruit and vegetable juices only. During the juice feast I took supplements such as bee pollen and coconut oil.

Basically I massively detoxed my system. During these periods I made sure to get as much sun as I possibly could along with exercise as intense as I could stand it. I also tried to get very good rest.

Upon coming off of the raw diet I kept my diet fairly clean. I included lean meats, eggs and cooked veggies to the large quantities of raw food I was still consuming.

Where I noticed the most help was when I recently started adding in natural T boosting and E lowering supplements cycling them everyday. Also the addition of the Ball Zinger really, really helped.

I continue to exercise intensely and I also recently added creatine to my post workout drink. My physique has totally transformed since adding in the supps and creatine. It actually looks like I work out now. I’m also wondering if the creatine is helping my overall condition based on the article that was recently posted.

So there you have it. Everything I do for the most part is for the benefit of my health and with the increase of my health in mind. After all of my research and study I don’t believe we can be fixed with pharmaceutical drugs. That being said, if they came up with a pill that could bring us back to our post-fin selves, I’d be the first in line to get. But knowing what I know now about our health, I highly doubt that’s possible. I’ve found sticking to nature to be the best medicine one could possibly take.

I work out pretty heavy too and have tried fasting and raw diets. Lately I started taking a whey protien powder mixed with milk after workouts. It also has a group of amino acids in it. I noticed a large difference in all areas. But I’m still in the honeymoon period (1 week) so it hasn’t stood the test of time.

I’ve also made my workouts shorter than 45 min and more intense and drink the mix immediately after while my heart is still up.

What does that actually mean? You’ve either fasted, or you haven’t. You’ve either done it for the theraputic length of time, or not.

Same goes for the diet. Have you stayed 100% raw for at least three months? Most people when they say they’ve tried it, means that they did it for a couple days and then couldn’t take it anymore. Hardly enough time for benefits to show.

I’m just curious as to what your experience has been.

If Prolactin levels are raised in our bodies our Dopamine levels will be lowered. Dopamine is critical to mental clarity and other sexual functions in the body.

The Amino Acid L-Tyrosine can be converted in our bodies into Dopamine. I wasn’t sure if my body was too screwed up for it to even work. I went to Vitmain shoppe yesterday and bought a bottle of 500mg tablets. I took one after breakfast yesterday.

I felt I knew something was different. I felt mental clarity within a couple of hours. By noon time, I was sure I felt mentally sharp. The night prior my eyes were bothering me. I had no problems at all. I felt real good. I was going take the pills for a week, just to be sure the L-Tyrosine was what was helping me. Then I got up today took another pill about an hour after breakfast. I feel fantastic mental clarity. My eyes feel great too. I felt I should let you guys know about this.

Now my real hope is that this won’t be temporary. But, I’m very happy because now this proves to me that a large part of our problem is in the Pituitary Gland and Prolactin.

Whether it’s sex, eating, taking risks, achieving goals, or drinking water, all increase dopamine, and dopamine turns on your reward circuitry. You can think of dopamine as the “I’ve got to have it” neurochemical, whatever “it” is. It’s the “craving” signal.

The more dopamine you release and the more your reward circuit is activated, the more “reward” you experience. A good example is food. We get a much bigger blast of dopamine eating high-calorie foods than we do low-calorie foods. It’s why we choose chocolate cake over Brussels sprouts. Our reward circuit is programmed so that “calories equal survival.” You’re not actually craving ice cream, or a winning lotto ticket, or even a romp in the sack. You’re craving the dopamine that is released with these activities. Dopamine is your major motivation, not the item or activity.

This is exactly why it is so hard for people to change their diets. They are going against the natural circuitry that is programmed into our minds for survival. Not an easy thing to do.


What are you talking about? I posted that I took L-Tyrosine and I feel fantastic mental clarity. What does that have to do with diet?

Anyway, for those that are interested. I am on day three of using this Amino acid, L-Tyrosine. I have not felt this mental clarity in years. My eyes feel fantastic too. It almost feels like I’m alive again. Let’s just hope it continues.

What intrigues me about this story is that in china you felt good but after the trip things weren’t quite the same. Is it possible that a change in diet may have affected the way you feel? Were you eating different foods in china? I know Chinese food that is authentic is a hell of a lot different than the Chinese-American stuff you eat in restaurants here.

This article states that excessive use of tyrosine will actually decrease dopmine levels. The subjects were given 20 grams of tyrosine which does seem like alot:

Another study was conducted by Struder et al. [16]. In this study, subjects were given either placebo, paroxetine (an SSRI), BCAAs, or 20 grams of tyrosine and cycling performance was measured. Tyrosine did not improve performance on any measure. However, the hormonal profile in the subjects consuming tyrosine was indicative of a decrease, rather than an increase in central dopamine levels. This is consistent with animal studies, which indicate that excessive quantities of tyrosine decrease dopamine levels [14].

Here is the link:


The study you listed is 20 grams of Tyrosine. I am taking 500mg of Tyrosine. That dosage in the study you listed would 40 times the amount I am taking.

This is a direct quote from your link:

I listed this in my story, because I feel very much mentally sharper. I wanted to share this with you guys in hopes to try to help someone else. It is an amino acid that would be found in protein lsources like chicken and turkey. I feel that this makes this a safe option for trying to increase my dopamine levels. It’s definitely working for me. I’ll have continue to watch it and hope it’s not temporary. I’m certainly not trying to persuade anyone to try Tryosine, just looking to share what it has done for me.

You listed an article that shows excessive Tyrosine can lower your Dopamine. Here are a couple of articles that show that Tyrosine can raise Dopamine. … m_que.html


The condition that we experience is neurological in nature. It’s like our brains are separated from our dicks. I did not feel that separation on my trip. Why it happened, I have no idea. Was it purely a neurological stimulation of attraction to pretty Asian women or was something different like the food? I have no idea, but depressingly I reverted back to my old self as soon as I got back to the US.

I don’t buy the cute Asian excuse. Unless you’ve got some kind of Asian fetish, a cute girl of any race or ethnicity should tickle your pickle. Something must have happened in china to change the way you feel. Maybe it was a change from the standard American diet or it could have been some kind of random fluke. There have been days where I started to almost feel normal and then things fell apart on me for no reason. I agree that it is likely a neurological issue

What I’m saying is that if people are trying to change their diets to include healthier foods, these foods usually don’t trigger that dopamine release that the fatty, unhealthier foods do. This in itself makes switching to a healthier diet more difficult because people don’t get the same “reward” hit that they would get if they were eating say a cheeseburger as compared to an apple. You are trying to go against your own in born circuitry. That circuitry is there for a reason because back when we had to hunt and gather our foods, the foods that had the most calories were the foods that we wanted to eat more of to stay alive. But now, in a time when we can go down to the corner and get what ever we want to eat, it does nothing but work against us. I’m just showing how this natural reward pathway makes it way more difficult to stay on a health promoting diet.

cdnuts, I know what you mean about the body resisting a healthier lifestyle. Yesterday I ate lunch at a very healthy place that sells raw food. The meal was wonderful and the chef has to be one of the most gifted chefs in the country. When I got home, I had a massive migraine headache. I felt weak, hungry and tired and I couldn’t sleep. I ate some junk and immediately the headache cleared up. I feel like I’m going against what my body is used to, but I’m still trying to be healthier, just little by little. For the next few weeks I’m going to try and eat one raw meal every day and then maybe once I get used to it, I’m going to try to eat two raw meals a day.

I’m glad you got to experience that (well, not really) because you saw for yourself the very intimate relationship between food and your body. I was amazed at what happened to me the first time I came off my raw diet after being on it for three months or so. I ate a piece of bread. Well, that piece of bread might as well have been heroin. Now, that sounds absolutely ridiculous of course, until you try it for yourself.

Minutes after ingesting it, my body temperature rose, I got a mild fever, but more amazing was how I FELT. I was high on bread!!! I felt like I took a pain pill, swear to what ever god you believe in, I’m not making this up. I got all relaxed and chilled out…I was high! I felt great. After about a half an hour, I crashed, got moody, felt like shit and wanted to eat more bread!!

Typically because of our diets we are so used to (addicted) the foods we eat that unless you give all cooked food up for a month or so, you will never be in a clean enough state to feel something like that happening. I was absolutely shocked that a piece of bread could do something like that. It made me realize just how much we pollute ourselves on a daily basis.

And, to mirror what you said in your post, the best way to stop yourself from cleansing (which is what the headache was) is to eat more crap food.
That’s why the raw diet works so well for many ailments. They say about 50% of our energy is used in digestion. So, by cutting out foods that use alot of energy to be digested, all of that energy gets turned inward to be used by the body for necessary things like, healing, rebuilding and other vital elements of life. I would have never believed it myself until I tried it.

That’s another reason why people who TRY the raw food diet thinks that it doesn’t work, because they feel horrible. What is actually happening is their body is using the freed up energy to clean house. When they eat cooked food again, they feel better, because they stop the cleansing process. So, they think that raw food doesn’t agree with them because of this cycle. I’m glad you were able to experience it, albeit on a very small level.

hey man after reading your posts I can tell you really know what your talking freind healed himself completly from many ailments following this diet.what people don’t understand here is that when food goes over a certain temp you lose all the enzymes that heal your body,without these enzymes you cant properly trying to change my diet slowley,but I too am addicted to cooked food.