Book Author Seeking Contact with Women damaged by Finasteride

The author Mary Jennifer Payne is writing a book on PFS and the lasting health damage caused by finasteride to both men and women. Jennie would be very interested in interviewing additional females who took finasteride against alopecia, polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), or for other reasons, and have suffered from lasting damage to their health after quitting the drug.

If you are an affected woman, please contact Jennie on this site under the user name @Izzycat13

A short summary of her book:

The Lost Men is unique because it’s the first book to examine Merck’s latest controversial drugs, Proscar and Propecia, and the devastation they’ve inflicted on hundreds of thousands of men’s lives. Unlike Vioxx and Fosamax, two of Merck’s other drugs that have been at the center of medical controversy, Propecia is prescribed for a completely cosmetic condition which makes its damaging side effects all the more tragic. As Merck is the world’s second most profitable drug company and once “had a reputation as a moral corporation that gave drugs to developing nations,” it will be all the more intriguing for readers to discover that the company not only aggressively marketed a medication for male-pattern hair loss to the medical community, but also disregarded reports concerning the adverse effects of the drug and are still aggressively fighting litigious actions pertaining to Propecia’s persistent side effects. Indeed, early on in her research, it became clear to the author that Merck either knew, or should’ve known, about the possibility of permanent adverse effects due to finasteride within the first couple of years that it was on the market. The manuscript is expected to be around 300 pages in length and is currently about halfway done in terms of both research and writing.

What kind of reader will be attracted to this book? First of all, despite the fact that hundreds of news and magazine articles as well as television interviews have covered the topic of Post-Finasteride Syndrome, there has never been a full-length book about it. Since 2008, the stories of men whose lives have been decimated by this syndrome have been broadcast and written about globally— from Saudi Arabia to India to the United States— and yet the topic has never been comprehensively investigated. And that is because the full extent of the conspiracy hasn’t been explored in-depth yet. Reuters news agency’s expose of September, 2019, which revealed that a US court allowed Merck to hide secrets about Propecia is the most in-depth examination of the scope of this tragedy published to date. The scope of readership for Payne’s The Lost Men will be extensive due to this hole in the market and the timeliness of the subject-matter. First and foremost, the book is for those taking finasteride and other 5-alpha reductase-inhibiting drugs, and those contemplating doing so, especially for hair loss. It is for those who are suffering from PFS, which, if we go by Merck’s very conservative estimates for persistent side effects, would be in the hundred of thousands at the very least.


Im not a woman … yet… PFS is capable of everything it used in men who want to become transexuals…

This book is very important for us and the preview of the contets seems that its a real book not a propaganda.

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I have spoken to Jennie. She has done an excellent job researching the matter and I am confident that when her book gets published, it will become a milestone in the history of our syndrome. Jennie is fully aware of the use of finasteride with transexuals. I believe she is covering a few such cases in her book.


Awor hi! If it’s possible, I really need your advice. You can write in a personal message, I can’t - administrators turned me off this function.I won’t take up much time.


How can the rest of us forum users help with your book?


Thank you for the message. I believe that Awor posted in terms of what I am currently looking for regarding the book. It is more than halfway finished. At the moment, I need more interviews with women who’ve been prescribed either fin or dutasteride and had adverse effects from them. I will definitely keep the forum updated about the book and anything needed. Thank you so much for the support. :slight_smile: Best, Jennie

I dont want to point out the obvious, but finasteride is taking mostly by men 99%+ (because prostate issues and hair loss is affecting more men than women). So you will have very difficult time finding some women affected by this.

Thank you for your message. Actually, that’s not true as it is being given off-label often to women as well. I have one woman on-the-record already and many who will allow their side effects to be reported without any identity and a few doctors who have seen PFS in women and teens and one who prescribes it for AGA and frontal-fibrosing in women.

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Well this doctors are capable of everything it seems, would be interesting to know how it affects them, good luck with your writings, and tell us if you receive some pressures to not publicy it when its finish.

From the one woman I’ve interviewed extensively with PFS, it appears to be very much the same in terms of side effects. She’s made some recovery, but was intensely suicidal when I first came into contact with her…chronic fatigue, non-existent libido, depression, brain fog. The works. :frowning:

Hey @Izzycat13,

Following our call, this is the publication noting female occurrences of PFS per the FAERS reporting scheme:


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Thank you for this! Sorry I’ve been so slow to get back to you. A young man with PFS in Northern Ireland is really struggling and I’ve been trying to help as well as getting teaching paperwork deadlines done. I will look at this over the next few days. Thank you for this. I hope you are doing okay. Best, Jennie

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Out of curiosity, about when will your book be published?

Hopefully the book will be under contract shortly. It is currently out for submission. I will definitely be sharing on here as soon as more news comes out.

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Hi Axoloti,

I think I asked this, but approximately how many members are there in the PropeciaHelp forum at the moment?

Best, Jennie

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