Bifidobacteria: friendly players in immune regulation

Im looking at strains that have been verified to increase raldh2 expression.
This is what I have been looking at with some of my recent thoughts (check my other thread), they also sell a 42 capsule count that is a much better deal, but its out of stock at the moment.

The first person I would be looking to treat on here based on his symptoms and age would be @Dknighten
The sky could be the limit on the dosage, cost will become a factor though.

Heres an example on dosage, I wouldnt add a prebiotic yet at this point though.
Synbiotic therapy ( Bifidobacterium longum /Synergy 1) initiates resolution of inflammation in patients with active ulcerative colitis: a randomised controlled pilot trial

Test patients were given 2×1011 freeze dried viable Bifidobacterium longum in a gelatin capsule and a sachet containing 6 g of prebiotic fructo-oligosaccharide/inulin mix (Synergy 1; Orafti, Tienen, Belgium), twice daily for four weeks.

That is 200 billion cfu’s twice daily for 4 weeks (of a human strain bifido) as one example to treat a disease state, that will not be obtainable without a designed study.

Let’s hear it Ozeph. I can’t tolerate lactobacillus strains because of histamine intolerance , but am currently looking at trying just bifido strains for gut treatment.

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You will treat someone ? Why don’t you try on yourself ?

Bifidus Longum are easy to find. but 200 billion CFU twice a day is quite a lot. I have that strand of bacteria isolated (no other bacteria with it).I’ll try to ferment some more using cabbage, inulin and potato starch (100% resistant starch). The trick is to have no oxygen so I’ll be waiting for my pickling jar.

I’ve been taking the “feel good” strands of bacteria for a few days, with some inulin and potato starch (as eating fat and meat doesn’t provide much fibers) and I can say I really do feel mellow and sleep better.

I have reasons the be stressed out because of stuff happening in my life but no, I’m cruising along very smoothly.

I’ll continue the experiment but so far so good.

Ps: I don’t see this as a cure as I believe the disease to be epigenetic, but it does make life more pleasant. If there’s a cure, imho, it has to do with doing things that fixes the epigenome. I’m working hard in this direction and I have indications of epigenomic erasures, but I cannot ascertain that the causes for the epigenetic changes are gone. I’ve read that fin leaves persistent inhibitory effects on the 5ar producing cells. I’m eating in a 2 hours window and IF 22 hours a day. That should boost autophagy by a few multiples and I’m hoping my body will eat up and replace the 5ar cells with new functional ones. It’s all theories and speculations but I’m doing increasingly well.

Not much difference, but then again I don’t have much symptoms left. I sleep alright, still stir and turn at the end of the night.

However, I always had lots of mucus and a bit of burning sensation at the bottom of my throat. I went to see a specialist and she said I had gastric reflux. She gave me a bucket of pills, of which I took half before feeling sick because of the pills (and I stopped and got better) but I researched the possible causes of gastric reflux. One of them was a bacterial infection of the upper digestive track. The same thing I went to see a gastro-enterologist for and she send me to the psychiatrist (don’t you love it when they do that) !

So I worked on the premise that I did have a bacterial infection of the upper digestive track. I’m taking “good mood” pro-biotics with lots of different bifidus strands and because I’m carnivore and don’t eat much fibers, I’m feeding the bacteria with cold potato starch and water (a resistant starch we can’t digest and which won’t ruin my ketosis). I feel like I’m feeding gold fish in a bowl !

Anyway. the gastric reflux is 75% gone. I barely have any mucus and no more burning sensation. That’s an indication that my guts biome has changed. I also do feel in a good mood !

Now I want to see if I need to continually reintroduce bacteria or they will just reproduce like in a normal person. If I need to take them continuously, it means what killed them to begin with is still active. If it sticks, then I did one more step forward.


I only just discovered that I have the gut microbiome profile of somebody with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome which explains many of my symptoms. Finasteride is known to wreck havoc on the human microbiome. I am working with a health coach (specialises in mens HRT) who has many PFS clients, he tells me there is always significant gut microbiome dysbiosis in Post Finasteride Syndrome. I think the gut obession is warranted. Fixing these issues is much more complicated than just taking sauerkraut and seeing how you feel.


Perhaps I was too dismissive.
I think there is an overlap between our condition and others like CFS.
Typically both have low energy, problems concentrating, brain fog, verbal fluency problems …
But if this was easy to pin on the gut - we would have a therapeutic target and it would be possible to significantly improve and maintain the gains over time. And this would be noticeable among multiple users.
Personally, I have made improvements from eating fermented foods. But the gains aren’t sustained and I end up lapsing back.

You may find this approach interesting, relating to the upper-gut:

Involves taking lots of vitamin C for a time, to nuke the problem.

I will check it out. However, vitamin C uses the same pathways as glucose and I’m carnivore / ketogenic so I barely have any glucose or vitamin C. I react bad to more than 100-200 mg of Vit C as would any one in ketosis. Inuit eat only meat, have zero vitamin C and don’t get scurvy. Some Inuits did get scurvy when they helped old expeditions to the north and ate European food.
Vitamin C is found in plants and seems to be linked to sugar, starch and fibers (all carbs).

IMO all the diseases on this forum could be classified in the epigenetic disease group. There is a distinction as the genes being suppressed vary from one disease to the other, and also from one individual to the other suffering from the same cause (PFS for example). IMO, science is still in its infancy for curing those diseases and there’s no meds available. However, the regimen I follow goes along what was found to activate the body’s natural epigenome fixing mechanism. It seems to work for me as I clearly see signs of epigenetic damage on my skin being repaired, something a dermatologist told me would never happen. (He said it was for life)

As for gut bacteria, it seems some of us have it all messed up. I believe the cause to be epigenetic and you’re right, if simply taking probiotics would cure us we would have found it a decade ago. Nonetheless, we can push in good bacteria that will ward off the bad ones and it will be dose dependant until the cause for them dying in the first place is fixed. From what I get, I feel a little better, gastric reflux is almost completely gone and I don’t get constipation which can be a problem on a carnivore diet. But my main PFS symptoms are not much changed.
Anything that helps is good right ?

Same goes with leaky guts which we often get on this forum. Ketogenic diet fixes that from what I read and so does carnivore diet (as it is mildly ketogenic, depending on the protein / fat ratio. 1 animal protein calorie to 2.7 animal fat calorie would be fully ketogenic. That’s what I do.)

Resurrecting this thread because I want to try pro bitoc again. I have very poor comprehension. Are you saying these strains should not be taken by people who took acccutane? I should avoid vitamin A I feel in abundance. Is there a safe bifio to try for me?