Baylor study, part 1 - Penile vascular abnormalities in young men with persistent side effects after finasteride use for the treatment of androgenic alopecia. 2020

I thought (you said) Merck didn’t care about Propecia any more? I thought class action law suits were over? I thought statute of limitations since change of leaflet has run out? I thought revenue from Propecia is drying out due to well advertised generics?

Nothing Khera does from this point forward will absolve him from his complicity in the cover-up of PFS. Not that he has done much yet from what he was supposed to do. Does it take 8 years to write a paper on 17 people’s genitalia? That’s a lot of data to crunch, isn’t it.

Khera is a disgrace. This is the only opinion any rational person can have and this will never change.


All of these things are true, but you should add to the list that Merck will likely no longer own the rights Propecia and Proscar within the next 12 months.

You may not be happy with Dr. Khera, but he wasn’t in any way complicit with the harm done by Propecia. People should take note of this situation because there are so many conspiracy theories on this forum about how Merck did this or that or this person was probably paid by Merck to say that and its just not the reality. Sometimes there’s a kernel of truth to the conspiracy, but they’re always hyped up without exception.

This article took ages to get published for reasons had nothing to do with Merck. Merck hardly has any reason left to care about any of this anymore. The people there who knowingly did this are horrible but Merck can’t be used as an excuse anymore. If you want to accomplish a goal, it will require hard work and you may see real painful setbacks along the way like the never ending delay of this study. It’s what is required to make a real change.

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Khera was clearly able and willing to reply to the email about this release. Would it be possible for a mod to contact him to try to get an idea as to when the epigenetic part of the research will be able to be released?

What we have to avoid is his office getting inundated by multiple emails from different members of this community. It really casts as in a negative light and just comes across as being naggy. If we can standardise our communication with his office it means we don’t have to have different people each doing so of their own accord.


The best thing to do to not pester them is to reach out to the Foundation, it would probably be Phil. The Foundation was involved in this study so they’re a better point of contact and may be able to organize everybody’s questions so they can ask him at once if the chance comes up.

It’s not likely he’ll be able to really say anything though, just like for the first part. If he doesn’t answer anything, it’s really just part of the scientific research process.

This study is absolutely useless. A lot of people hyped this study up to no end, especially some of the moderators.

Most of the foundations money went into this study and harvards useless study.

There needs to be honesty and transparency. It is now clear that PFS will not be cured within the next 10 years, if the two main studies financed with big sums of money gave us nothing.


I really cant blame the Mods…But i do blame the foundation…They should answer our questions or just resign and let members of this forums take over…Im sure that Awor and axolotl would make better things with this money…At least they are pfs sufferers, not like these unknown ppl from the foundation, who we cant even identify, or know if they have pfs, or what their position in life is…

Ok lol first of all the title of the thread is the name of the study.

Second, why would we take it upon ourselves to intentionally make this situation appear to be worse than it already is? Everyone already knows that this is the first part of Baylor, what good does it achieve for the community to reframe this post?

Nearly every post of yours is a criticism. Why don’t you contribute some of your resources/skills towards helping us solve this problem?


The Board of Directors of the PFSF is on their website. It is lead by a father of a forum member who committed suicide. Philip Roberts is the contact person and also well known to forum members. The contact details are on the website.

Your questions and concerns are best directed at the PFSF.

You know full well that sufferers are searching for the term baylor not the study title.

I have filled out the survey and am a donator to the foundation.

The people who are complaining the most donated less than $1,000 to the foundation. So entitled when they’ve contributed so little.

Ok so now apparently you can read my mind

With all due respect, you actually sound deluded. How does that benefit me in any way?

Yeah thanks for filling out the survey and whatever contributions (which I hope are significant, considering the amount you criticize).

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moderators only left the title put by me, who didn’t know the famous baylor study because i have pssd. I have changed the title, but moderators will be able to correct it as they see fit

Yes I know you didnt know, no problem. The criticism was directed at the moderators who knew not you. The thread has been live for days.

Who cares what the title of the thread is? It was a little confusing and I didn’t realize right away that it was Khera’s study, but if you just politely asked to change the name so it was more clear, I’m sure somebody would have done it.

I’m not sure why you assume the mods would have opposed this, it’s a not a controversial suggestion? It was the way you presented it.

I’m sorry, guys. I told you Baylor wasn’t coming out.

I hope you’re glad it’s published.

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6 years for this? A penis ecografy?


I feel very sorry for you brother it is one of my two worst nightmares other is neuropathy… I believe there is no cure for leakage and pde5 inhibitors are not helping for that.

$168,000 for findings that any urologist could have done, what a disgrace. How much longer for part 2? 7 more years?


Would you really expect a breakthrough from the same research facility after this kind of research was done? If they find it ok to publish this study, then i wouldn’t expect much from any further studies published on the same matter from the same facility.Not even in 70 years. It is done.


While not what many of us were hoping for, one thing this is is a study to send in advance and take along to every medical appointment we have, as well as to every PFS sceptic endo and uro and any other doctor who has told one of us it is “in our head”, and to post in the comments section of every PFS doubting Youtube video and hairloss forum thread which tells people it doesn’t exist.

At the very least it should allow some of us to demand more action from doctors who try to stonewall us. I know it is not the first study, but from what I can see it is the one that most explicitly identifies and acknowledges the persistence and extent of the non-sexual symptoms.

Only a silver lining, but I do look forward to presenting it to the doubting pricks who sent me away telling me medical science doesn’t recognise my condition.