Baylor study delayed again


Since he replies to your email, can you ask him any ballpark and whether it will have any effect on the discovery of a cure ( even more so for PAS)? In fact, I am begging you to ask him.


In my opinion, Baylor study is focusing on Finasteride effects, not isotretinoin. But Finasteride is 5ar2 inhibitor and isotretinoin is 5ar1 inhibitor. Futhermore, Finasteride inhibit a little 5ar1.
So When the study results outcome PAS suffers can get certain hint from study. Just my opinion.


Can we get an update on this from someone in the know? Is the manuscript under review yet?


@moonman1 Please tell is where you are receiving information about this study. Any source would be incredibly beneficial.


when they really hold off the information we should all go in tv shows for public awareness