Are there any recovered people?

This go and down it’s because finasteride turn all of us Bipolar people!

So it comes and go

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Thank you.
It is so wonderful and hopeful.

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You never had PFS to begin with


We are happy for you indeed,
but if you loose your penis that shrivels up to a size of a newborn and you see it every time you take a shower, every time you go to piss, every time your shrunken balls hurt, every time your completely atrophied muscles ache that used to be huge after 15 years of weight lifting (and you cant grow them anymore) and every time you forget things like why you’ve entered the store: well thats how PFS is like - along with dozens of other symptoms that make us every day a battle - and its hard to recover by only avoiding the forum…

Lucky you can continue your life, unlike more and more PFS victims here
, all the bests