Anyone have tried bupropion? How is the result?

Stimulants are known to surpress feelings of hunger, that’s why coffee is mostly used in diets to help keeping to it. While wellbutrin is not a classical stimulant, it probably has the same effect.

I do understand that excess of floatin dopamine decrease the significance of it once it is released, there’s probably is less differentiation between no dopamine and dopamine, decreasing it’s significance. Not sure if that’s the way it works though.

@MatchaTea interesting, looking into it

is that feeling of anhedonia worse on wellbutrin then off of it? Because it seems PFS caused the same anhedonia for me. Looking forward to being productive and efficient though. It’s something that used to give me happiness.

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I’ve never taken it.

Oh my bad, mixed things up i see

I was on XL but I decided to stop after day 9.

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Did you think about trying a reduced dosage?

Has anyone else tried buproprion for at least 2-3 months? Please share you experience

I have posted a spreadsheet collating user stories of those who have taken it. Take a look.

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I’m still trying to understand what negative side effects people felt from this drug. Most have posted it made their condition worse but if you go onto Wellbutrin’s support page, there are people who also complain of side effects as their body is adjusting to the drug—my question for those that made their condition worse, were you experiencing a side effect then assumed it made your condition worse or did it truly make you worse?

5-HTP for example made me worse and it was immediately evident that something was not right. With WB, other than drug related side effects that the majority complain about, that’s been it.

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For me it was totally clear that the anorexia and sleeping problems came from bupropion, and they stayed for the whole 3 months of use. Subsided when I quit again.

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I see however sleeping problems are a side effect of the drug though. Did you have sleeping problems from PFS? The anorexia part is interesting as weight loss is also a side effect.

I don’t exactly understand what you’re asking. Fortunately I have almost no sleeping problems from PFS, same goes for anorexia.
When starting and using bupropion I clearly noticed how I was eating less and how I wasn’t eating any sweet things anymore. My weight significantly dropped after starting bupropion while I had a relatively steady weight with PFS already.
Same goes for the sleeping problems (waking early).

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Gotcha, and thanks for the feedback. I ask about sleeping issues from PFS because that seems to be a common theme. I developed sleeping problems from PFS so it’s hard to tell what’s from PFS or from the drug. How’s your sleeping now?

Most posted that it improved their condition actually. Do you mean to say ‘of those who said that it made their condition worse’?

I’ve been trying to find these posts that state things got better but it’s been spotty. Do you know who said things got better?

Look at my spreadsheet.

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Okay; out of curiosity, how was data collected? Was it through reading through posts or survey? I would also be curious about duration of usage. Thanks again for the info!

Yes, I did it manually.


Here’s my overall report on my 10 day trial with Wellbutrin. I’m on day 3 of ceasing the drug and currently still at baseline:

Positive: focus improved, happiness improved, easier getting along with people, didn’t stress out as easily, digestion slowed down (slightly constipated), girls started to look attractive, weight loss, seemed to improve my PoTS like symptoms when sitting or standing quickly

No change: libido, hair texture, still able to orgasm with no problems

Negative: slightly impacted sleep, no desire to do anything I like, anxiety, slight panic attacks (manageable), Dry eyes, low blood sugar feeling around lunch time, slight brain fog, slight lack of sweating, and muscle tightness

BL, I decided to walk away out of fear that my negatives would outweigh my positives. Maybe if I get really depressed, it’s an option to try again. One additional thing to add: most of my negatives are also listed as side effects on the drug label so it’s VERY hard to tell what’s from PFS and from the drug.

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