Anyone find this interesting?

This guy has pfs like symptoms, but thinks it was due to some medication… then he thought parasites, or candida was the cause…

One of the replies is the following:

"Your blood workup diagnoses the problem from the start:
You are suffering from Vitamin A overdose (hypervitaminosis A).
All of your symptoms can be traced to this fat-soluble accumulant.
Solution is to stop all Vitamin A containing supplements, including fish oils and retinols."

Also another reply

"Metronidazole, I think Graham is onto something here. Your symptoms have a lot of overlap with hypervitaminosis A, which can include neurotoxic effects. Are you taking any supplemental A? Eating a lot of liver? Cod liver oil? I’d still follow up on the microbial leads, as well as correcting other deficiencies, but you really ought to look at your vitamin A level and intake."

Accutane and Finasteride users complain of similar side effects

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I never took finasteride/accutane/ssri. Went on high vegetable diet, and a bit of meat… (no fat)

Also about 2-3 months before I crashed I developed a severe reaction to eggs? I would get hives. Its as almost as if my body was warning me to stop eating eggs/vitamin a?

I think we can have something interesting here. I’ve never used finasteride and I’m here. Among one of the things I used in the period when I had the crash was Astaxanthin, which is an antioxidant made from beta-carotene. It’s also a 5ari.


Hi @joey10 there is a definite link between long term side effect profiles of those who’ve taken Fin, SSRIs and Accutane. It’s one of the main hypotheses of the admin group, and one they’re pushing forward to researchers.

On that note, we still need more data for these researchers. Could you please help by filling in the survey here: Post-Drug Syndrome Survey FAQ. Survey NOW LIVE - Please Participate

It will be extremely useful and appreciated!


Total T is ok at 650 (250-950)
E2 is low 12 (11-45)
DHT is low 176 (350-950)

Body down regulated these for a reason I believe… Maybe some kind of infection?
Accutane guy says they have cholestasis (crammed bile) and hyper vitaminosis A

I should also note the survey only takes about 45 mins to complete.


am I welcome to complete it? I never took these drugs.

Which drugs have you taken?

When I was younger I had hydrocortisone cream, for fungal rash. Thats about it.
Crash (pfs symptoms) came in summer of 2016 After diet and overtraining… Never recovered from it…

Left with numb genitals, tight scrotum, prostate and testicles basically feel dead, leaking urine, dry eyes, dry armpits, horrible armpit odor, cold hands and feet, itchy face, loss of libido, and erections, numb orgasm, right eye twitching and more

There should be a “free-form” user-input textbox available near the beginning of the survey where you can enter a very brief description of “substance used.” You can type “crash diet” or “anaxanthin” or whatever you did prior to developing PFS-like symptoms. I think as long as you make clear what led to this condition in your case, it should be fine.

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do you think anything of what I posted @Dubya_B
I mean could it atleast be possible in my case?!

Maybe. I don’t think persistent vitamin A poisoning is possible though. Pretty certain there is info on this site about astaxanthin being a potent anti-androgen, which is a shared mechanism of all drugs and substances featured here.