Any way to find out if i got PFS?

Hello all!!
Im a past finestride user and i got huge percentage of cognitive and sexual side effects that are essocciated with finestride.
However, brain fogs, memory impairment, reduced libido etc can be caused by a variety of factors, so im not sure if the damn pill have something to do with it (its been 4 years now since i stopped).
My blood tests came extremely clean (except elevated bilirubin), and my testosterone levels are relatively high (19.5nmol).
Can high testosterone refute finestride involvement?
Should i check DHT levels as well, and is there a DHT test at all?

thanks :pray:

There is no test for pfs.

You took the pill that gives people brain fog, no libido, memory problems.

If you have those problems, I think there’s no need to look for another reason.


I can see it now:

"Is there a way to find out if I have irritable bowel syndrome? Whenever I drink a bottle of prune juice, I get gut cramps and diarrhea. This, however, can be caused by other things like crohns, ulcerative colitis, and dumping syndrome. Tests came back normal. I’m not sure if it’s the the bottle of prune juice, even though it only happens when I drink a bottle of prune juice. This has been going on 4 years now. "

At least with my example, the issues resolve immediately upon cessation.

OK, so hypothesis #1 is – some combination of unknown “factors” somehow all happened at the same time and created these three serious symptoms.

Hypothesis #2 is that the symptoms are caused finasteride, which is known to cause these side effects in lots of men, and also happen to be a serious endocrine disruptor.

Hard to say… it’s probably best to continue taking finasteride while running more tests to find out what else could be causing this. :upside_down_face:

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Just to make things clear - i stopped taking the fucking pill 4 years ago.
the above symptoms only got worse through time.

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This is sadly quite common for us PFS sufferers.

There’s no definite “test” for PFS as of yet.

The community have been funding research recently, organized by @axolotl and @Sugarhouse.

Hopefully it will give us some clues in the upcoming years about the pathology of PFS.

There are however some makers that are quite common like low LH/FSH or high SHBG/low free T. But while there is a trend you can still suffer from PFS with values in perfect range.

Here’s a pretty good compiled list in my opinion.


Good link

Personally, the most striking feature should be “crash”.

When I took the poison, I got a reduced and blackened penis with some brain fog, emotional and motivation problems. I didn’t realize it was finasteride syndrome

After stopping the medicine, my brain stem was burned dry in a few days! With severe depression and anxiety, many symptoms I can’t stand.

I think it’s hard for mild patients to detect whether they are ill (such as trump)


OK, that makes, apologies for the unnecessarily spicy comment.

This is partly why we require members to create a ‘member story’, so everyone can understand where you’re coming from. Without any context, your topic looked like it was coming from someone who was still taking finasteride.

Please go to the ‘member stories’ section and create a new topic before you create any more posts. Here are the instructions.

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