any thoughts about ground flax seeds?

Any boyd has used ground flax seeds? I am not talking about flax seed oil, I think oil has some estrogenic properties. A friend of mines suggested me for my joint pain.
But you bitten once shy twice. I want to think 1000 times before I put any thing into my body.

Interesting, I just started grinding flax seeds this morning, using a coffee grinder. I will do this every morning. I’ll let you know. I am thinking of trying this out, a la Budwig:

But I’ll start with only grounded flax seeds for a while.

Ive never used ground flat, but Ive had a lota luck with glucosamine at night. It seems to help with sleep also. I just buy the cheap stuff @ walmart

Kngreen - have you written about the benefits you experience from using glucosamine before? please start a thread on it if not. I was talking to a cell biologist very recently who said that boosting IGF-1 would be a good thing to try and suggested using glucosamine.

yeah, i did it every morning for about 2 months. watch out for the limit on it though, i started getting headaches because i took too much of it. i cant be sure if it helped or not because i was in the middle of extreme dieting, but i didnt notice any negative effects.

the thing about flax seed is that it has omega 3’s in it, which is probably why your friend told you about it. i know that arthritis is caused by inflammation, so it makes sense if your joint pain is inflammation related, then it could help.

your right, it does help stop estrogens… which is probably not good because ive noticed thate verything that stopped estrogens or blocked them has done nothing good for me.

if you want serious omega 3’s, get liquid cod liver oil (not pills)

some nice discussion about flaxseed oil

So I picked up some flaxseed oil caps at the end of last week, took 8-10 caps right before bed and woke up it was flying high. Been taking it every night since and the same thing every morning. I have had a few friends test it and it worked just the same for them in the first night. I dont have any problems with sexual dysfunction, always works when it needs to (knock on wood lol), my test levels are well above normal so that should not be the problem. Have tried fish oil and it does not have the same effect for me.

and here too

If flax oil is estrogenic, I’m curious as to why you think ground flax isn’t.

Ground flax has a lot of fiber which can be harsh in a digestive system.

Took whole flax seed (one TBS and chewed them).Felt Awesome.A lot of energy and after a long time my toes were normal. I had constant swelling in my toes and legs. I took one dose and skipped 4 days to make sure I don’t have placebo. Effects remained two days. Again I took for two days and again felt excellent. I did a lot of chores which were not possible before and did not get tired. I was busy all day. I also felt good appetite and no stomach upset, indeed it fixed my loose motion.

Flax seeds are not safe read belowd. They can give PFS syndrome.

I am unmarried. About a year ago i took raw ground flaxseed (Alsi) for three weeks to cure my hair fall. But unfortunately l lost my sex drive. Before that i had crazy libido, daily morning erection and several unintentional erection throughout the day. While taking flaxseed I started noticing low blood circulation in penis. I thought it will become normal after quitting flaxseeds. But it started becoming little bit normal after 8 months. My friend told me flaxseed have estrogenic effect for some people. I started following an anti estrogen diet but I think it didn’t much work for me. I got my hormones tested. My estrogen is 38.75 pg/mL , progesterone is 2.84 ng/mL and testosterone is 583 ng/dL. Are my hormones normal? In the beginning I took some Desi Potent medicines but no improvement. It’s been a year now but very little improvement in my libido. Now sometimes i have weak morning erection. But libido is still too low and poor erection. Can you please tell me what’s the main reaso

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Hi folks. OMS for over a year now. I started with Fish Oil (lots of it and the good stuff), but switched to Flax Oil based on the HOLISM study and its findings (and Flax is much cheaper, which was a nice factor). I’ve been on Flax about 6 months and one thing I’ve noticed is a lowering libido. Now, I realize causation is not correlation – it may be something else – but I’ve been super happy, exercising regularly, etc etc, and when I looked into the diet more I did find some evidence of Flax having some endocrine disruption among males (lowering free testosterone). This makes me more than I little nervous because of how athletic I am (and more so with OMS!). We lose hormones as we age so need to speed up the process. Anyone else having this experience? I’d consider going back to Fish Oil, but if the HOLISM study recommends Flax, I’m hard-pressed to do so. Thanks for reading!

Bruv. Flax is a 5-ARI and also an inhibitor of 17b-HSD.β-Hydroxysteroid_dehydrogenase_III_deficiency#/media/File:Test_biosynth_17BHSD3.jpg

It’s a real shame.
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