Any advice? I'm lost

Although a few people seem to get better with time, this doesn’t happen to many other people. I took even fewer pills than you and started a long downhill trend immediately after stopping fin. A year off, I was at my worst. When I realized that my life was destroyed, I realized that I had to start treating some of the several hormonal imbalances caused by propecia.

Yes, same thing here. All these sides got fixed by boosting pregnenolone, progesterone, cortisol, and T4 to the top of their ranges.

That sounds reasonable. But I’d like to suggest you to avoid simple boosts in androgen levels–they almost never work. Fix the other imbalances (adrenal, thyroid) first.

I would say start vid D3 and Magnesium so that at lease you can slow down muscle loss and bone loss.

It’s really a shame that the doctors don’t know how much harm Finasteride can do to people. It really is a tragedy.

With all the videos, the research, the law firm commercials etc etc i would of thought doctors would be against finasteride more.

You do hear guys on hair loss forums saying they met a doctor that will not prescribe finasteride. They just aren’t going out there way to raise awareness of the dangers.

Given my situation, i have to do something. I’ve tried the natural approach, but i would say i’m worse than ever. My free test levels now are 14.23 pg/mL (9.0 - 42.5 pg/mL). My endo says with free testosterone in range, i should be fine. I don’t know what to do to convince a doctor to start with TRT. Any ideas?


I’ll ask for clomid, but maybe i have to try a new doctor. Also i could try to start clomid on my own…but i don’t even know what would be a correct dosage for me.

a brotherly advice !
before doing clomid do a search here and see how many males have done this and what result they got.

I’m thinking of visiting Dr. Hertoghe in Brussels. I don’t know if he can help me, but i have to start trying something. Any feedback known apart from “to.robin”'s story?
I’ve phoned his office for a first consultation with a doctor of his team in December.

Apart from Hertoghe does anyone know any endo in Europe familiar with PFS?

I did a semen analysis. More than 90% of my spermatozoids have an abnormal form.

What did the doctor’s say about this?

You had a diagnosis of something else too, didn’t you? have the doctors looked at both and the fact you used finasteride?

Sorry, I know this is unrelated, and not that I’m considering it.

But, do you know if PFS would qualify someone for Dignitas assisted suicide in switzerland?

I saw a documentary with some people who were diagnosed with diseases but didn’t look to be suffering (I guess they would be down the road), yet they qualified. I guess it depends on how diminished our quality of lives are considered. Any thoughts, opinions?

Please do an anti-sperm anti bodies test.

I have found some success with Phospotidlyserine (focus and calm works by nourishing brain membranes and keeping brain hormones in check), DMAE for focus motivates me a bit, omega 3 daily, Spirulina, magnesium/calcium/zinc tablets (great for stress, zinc helps testosterone levels). Tribulis also insures healthy hormone secretion especially testosterone. I read somewhere that is has an indirect effect boosting Dopamine. My homeopath has also advised to try Rodiola rosea and Ashwaghanda, both offer calm with Ash tending to help more on the sexual side of things
Despite sufferring from mild depression I work out hard up to four times a week and do compound excercises that boost testosterone levles such as bench presses, squats, chest dips, dead-lift.
GABA could help you for panic attacks. I have ordered some SAMe which is apparently great for depression, will report back on that one I start taking it.
Good luck

I did a blood and urine test and visited a doctor. I’ll post the complete blood test soon. I post now only the things that are out of range + Vitamin D and Adiol-G which are in range.

Vitamin D 32.0 (30-60) ng /mL
Estradiol 52 (<30) pg/mL
Androstanediol-gluc 11.29 (3.4 - 22) ng/mL

Iodine 151 (170-280)
Magnesium 155.0 (60-120) mg/24h

DHEA 2.27 (0.05-1.4) mg/24h
11-Keto-androsterone 0.93 (0.05-0.80) mg/24h

Pregnantriol 1.82 (0.40-1.40) mg /24h
Aldosterone 4.1 (5.0-20)

Cortisol (cortisol libre) in urine is in range but in the low part: 16.1 (10-100)

The doctor uses hormones in most of her patients. He prescribed me:
Testogel 10%
Also some vitamins.

I’m surprised that my adiol-g is in range. Before starting on any of the hormones prescribed i’ll try to get some information about all of them and discuss with another doctor this treatment.

from which country do u come from?

Sod doctors and endo’s, they can’t help you

nobody can help but at least try to help

How is your body temp? Please check it.

How are you going on the hormones?