Another 1 pill casualty - just my experience so far for others/any encouragement would be great


sup guys, just did the thing talk to a doctor for a few secs, upload some pics and boom 1mg finasteride pills at my door. like a lot of others it seems i only took 1 pill.

at first, really only noticed a ache in my ass. then later that day i noticed wasn’t getting much response from my penis. then the muscle aches, some twitching, joint ache and probably the worst of all the headache that made it worse when i moved my eyes in any direction. pretty impressive stuff for just 1 pill. sent the doc a message and of course it must be something else causing it hah, and any sexual side effects should resolve in a week or 2.

day 1 off the pill, i noticed a slight improvement in all areas, i also took a AI arimdex to lower estrogen that i have on hand, since a lot of the symptoms remind me of high estrogen. however ejaculation felt pretty weak.

day 2 and seemed to be more slight improvement, had some erections and stuff but they def weren’t as strong. the eye headache thing was still bothering me. slept as much as possible. just left it alone.

day 3 perhaps a little more improvement, the anal ache is still there, and so is the eye headache thing. ejaculation this time seemed even weaker. this has me pretty worried. about 12 years ago i had this weird issue where my left leg went numb, did a bunch of tests never solved it and eventually it went away. boom it’s back. very weird. it’s mind blowing that a single pill can have this effect.

i know a lot here say to not masturbate, but since the consensus is that a healthy prostate would be working and doing it’s job, and also working those specific muscles seems like a good idea. the weak ejaculation thing really reminds me if you’ve ever had surgery, and it’s difficult to go to the bathroom afterwords because the anesthesia is still in your system. i’m not going to every day, but every few days. i also have a lot of supplements already here, so i’ll load up on those as well. and hit the gym tomorrow. that’s about all i can do. my 6 month endo appointment is in a few weeks, so i’ll do all the blood work then.

i know it’s still very early days for me, but just some encouragement or words of wisdom from anyone would go a long way right now.

thanks guys

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Do you have high E2, tested by blood test?


my endo appointment isn’t for a few weeks, but i’m on trt, hgh, and have a prescribed AI arimidex to take periodically when needed. In the past, my e2 has been elevated, as well as prolactin (which is normal now) That’s why I already have it.


Hi @kc210,

I’m sorry to hear you’re in this position. A couple of things that are important to note, firstly that for the majority of people symptoms will subside. We here say that 3 months is a period by which you might consider symptoms to be persistent.

On that note, symptoms can still improve significantly after that period of time. I mention this as I remember hitting 3 months and CV thinking “oh no…”

I had headaches, they seem to be gone now for me, for example, and for months now too.

Your post sounds very level headed, despite this trauma, thanks for taking the time to write things up so clearly. It might be helpful to write things up as you work through this period.

Feel free to post questions, or to message me I’m sure many people will want to help.


@Greek appreciate it man, means a lot. i’ll continue to update the post. thanks.

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Strangely your symptoms really similar to my recent symptomps. Where is the ache exactly in your ass? Anus area? Do you experience weird pulsating muscle contractions in your pelvic floor area before you ejaculate? Like as if there is a clog there and muscles try harder to push out the semen…

I also notice i need to squeeze my muscles in order to pass a gas… it occured this year. Its not like a reflex more like a controlled hard job for me to pass a gas. Also… i felt that there is something wrong about my pelvic floor muscles, as if the root cause of the soft erections rely on there. My penis feels more flexible and loose when i masturbate, its like those muscles are not strong enough to keep my penis firm and steady from under side, anyways you are so fresh on this, don’t worry, you will be fine probably.

  • Do muscles feed from hormones in order to stay healthy? How our pelvic floor muscles could lost some function? Anyone?

With respect, @Cooper, you should make your own topic about these things.

Let the original poster have a place to ask questions if he wants to, rather than making his topic about your symptoms.

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Yeah you are right i was going to do that actually, then i also wanted to reply this guy and give some hope. Im deleting it now.


Did you give him any hope? Looks like you just asked him a lot of questions.


I mean we have some similar symptoms, this can help him to realizing he is not alone and i said: he will be okay and he is so fresh into this thing.


@Cooper it’s all good man, i don’t mind you asking questions. yes the ache is right inside anus sort of below the testicles so yeh prostate:( i’m already on testosterone, so i didn’t have the ball ache that a lot of people experience, mine have been shut down for years.

as for the muscle contractions before ejaculation, yeh. that part is what concerns me most almost like it won’t be able to happen and then i’ll be stuck in some sort of weird condition. i’m just amazed 1 pill can have such an effect. like i said in my original post, it really reminds me of anesthesia after a surgery, you have to get everything working again, this sort of all over just malaise bad feeling that i have. i’ve even noticed things like a couple of infected hairs that i haven’t had in years, almost like my body is so taxed it can’t handle everything at once.

as for hormones and muscles, yes there are huge connections. the difference is easy to see just look at a guy and a girl. women just aren’t able to gain that much muscle, they keep and need a higher body fat than us. estrogen, lower testosterone and a whole lot of other factors.

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Day 4 - Took a cold shower and did some win hoff breathing stuff. had some bcaa amino acids already here so took those with some water. added in some fish oil and a multi vitamin since i already had them. unfortunately, i ran out of human growth hormone, hoping my doctor will get the new prescription in and i’ll get it by monday. have some friends coming down this weekend, so just going to put it out of my mind as much as possible. heading to the gym in a bit to lift. also, stopped taking my trazodone i have for sleep. haven’t read much but apparently that can have an adverse effect with propecia? @Greek


the anxiety and fear really hit me today, i had a good handle on it but had to get out of my apt and go to the track to get some exercise. i literally got there, and cried in the car.

i can feel this dull ache now below my testicles, which is basically always inflamed prostate. and erections are gone. i’m even scared to go to the bathroom now. really struggling today.


Hi, @kc210,

I just saw the post you tagged me in.

It’s rough, I know. This will probably be one of the hardest things you will have to deal with.

I would say that you’ve been off such an incredibly short time that it’s way too early to think you’re stuck with this. I had some of the symptoms you describe (pain and erection problems) but over time they have gone / improved. Statistically you’re likely to beat this. Grit your teeth and dig in, you’re in for a rough ride, but you can make it.

I’m not sure how your hgh/trt/etc. Factors in. I am not advising you on anything to do with those things as I simply have no experience or understanding of how it might work. I am aware of people having a “sweet spot” where too much Testosterone makes them feel bad, but so does not enough. That’s literally all I know. You should probably speak to your prescribing doctor about this (though prepare yourself for a lack of familiarity). The two papers listed here:

Might be of help on that front.

Trazodone is mentioned fairly often here. I suggest you do a search. I don’t think it’s automatically a problem substance and I am under the impression that some people get help with sleep using it but unfortunately as with everything here there are often inconsistent results. A couple of people say that they’ve had problems with it.

Like I said, this won’t be much fun but you don’t have to think this is forever.

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went to the urologist, prostate and urine was normal of course. he seemed shocked that finasteride would cause this of course.

have this most uncomfortable feeling in my penis/testicles, when i focus on it or think about something arousing, it’s almost a borderline sick feeling. i kept focusing on it and just let it happen and some of it has went away.

the urinary problems i just drank and drank water and waited for that feeling to go, and have improved. still this ache/pain in pernieum. that weird muscle feeling of not being able to pass gas easily. i know what you’re talking about @Cooper

yesterday, i even had an erection and just the glimmer of a sexual thought. of course i was thrilled, before i went and did some walking i did some pelvic floor stretches. today i’m at my worst. more and more i feel my problem is more of the muscles in the area, and since they showed in the PFS study neuropathy of the pudendal nerve, it certainly lines up with what i have. in that case i’m doomed.

i’m truly emotionally drained, and understand now that there’s no hope. it is such a complicated and complex problem and we are all seemingly affected by different aspects of the drug. i think this is it for me. penis doesn’t respond at all now. 1 pill is incredible to be able to do this, i’m amazed others that were on it for so long were able to recover. the reality is no doctor or anyone in the world can help me. i can’t go on.


What are you talking about? You’ve got to get a grip here man. I’m normally one for offering a supportive ear but right now, I think you’re gonna have to tough it out a little and force yourself into some sort of self preservation mode. Some guys here would take an erection without some sort of chemical assistance as a major sign of improvement. I’d say you have every reason to be optimistic. Some people take months or years to get to the position you’re in. You may still be in a bad place but I’d say there’s plenty of light at the end of the tunnel.

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@Greek Yeh, I know you’re right. It’s just difficult to see. It’s just my first time having improvement and then it disappearing so suddenly, I wasn’t ready for it emotionally. The worry and panic hit me hard. I think I’m going to pack up my stuff and go stay with family for a bit. Being here alone is just making things harder on me.



That sounds a great idea. Support is very important.

Try and stay aware of your own psychological reactions. While this is an extremely complex problem, lots of your conclusions are off piste and are not things you’re in a position to be speedily assuming. Trying to digest a small selection of hundreds of thousands of posts of patient experience in a week or so, and trying to draw conclusions on complex scientific issues that very few here have a conceptual framework for, is not what you need to be doing right now.

There’s always hope. What you are saying is in my view positive, as @Greek notes, and many find they improve with time or are lucky enough to find lifestyle factors that improve their situation. And if you’re not, we’re here to support you, and we wont stop working to get us all help as long as we’re able. What you need to do now above all is focus on self care and be brave. Courage is only courage when things seem insurmountable.


Hey man, i’m 25 days post fin. I’m starting to urinate and pass stool easier and frequently now, before i was completely constipated and i couldn’t pass gas, felt like it was blocked. Only concern i have right now is my complete impotence, i’m not numb, but my dick and brain can’t establish a connection. It’ll get better, we only took one pill, people been taking it for years and recovered.

All my mental sides are gone luckily.