An Accutane Story [Isotretinoin] (Long post)



Surely omit one of those things at a time until you find the culprit?


Got sent to a different mental health clinic today due to my old team not knowing what was wrong with me, I met with a professor of psychiatry and spent about two hours talking with her.

At the end, she said she definitely thinks a lot of this is physical and not psychological which i was shocked to hear, I just thought it’d be another, it’s in your head appointments.

She said if i ever try an antidepressant again, I suggested bupropion, to definitely go on an extremely low dose and acknowledged I react to medications extremely badly, she agreed that I should never touch another SSRI again or it could make me worse.

They offered me a 46 week course, it’s only a low level education but it’s about getting back into things, meeting with people who’ve also been through a hard time and making new friends, regaining confidence and how to deal with bad emotions, basic word stuff and presentations, all that jazz.
It’ll be tough since my memory is awful now, but they think it’s definitely worth a try since my current loop is stay at home and feel awful, then if I try something I’ll feel awful doing it, then going back to staying at home.

It’ll be hard but it starts in a couple month’s so i think I’ll give it a shot.
Don’t give up is what i tell myself and I keep trying to stick to that as best I can.

I’m also looking forward to hearing if the study’s she’d some light on our issues, any step closer is another victory for all of us.


I don’t want to get hopes up for the visual guys but I need to at least mention this.

The most amazing thing happened to me a few minutes ago, I know it won’t last, but for the first time in almost a year my field of view is a lot better, my head feels clearer, my eyes feel like they are working as one, I can see across the room with little blur, everything is sharper, I’m really excited as this shows vision changes aren’t all permenant, I still have snow and ghosting but everything just looks a little better.

I don’t know what I did, I came home today and had a coffee which upset my stomach but gave me a big energy boost after feeling awful this morning, I didn’t eat anthing till 11pm today too , I came home listened to music and decided to play a game with my friend, I felt sharp for once and I felt like I actually enjoyed myself to an extent, I could see more of my monitor than usual, I wore my glasses for a few hours which made my visual field seem to focus slightly better even though it was blurred or looked low resolution, the strain from the blurriness on my eyes and head was a little easier to deal with.
It’s still far from normal but trust me, when your field of view is gone and it comes back even to a slight degree, thing’s look amazing regardless how much snow or floaters I have. It’s still more limited than it was.
It definitely wont last but I needed to note that as I can’t remember it ever improving even for a few minutes, my skin fluctuates in sensitivity a lot and so does my smell to a degree, but it’s nice my body is giving me a taster of what it used to be.

What an odd day this has been.


Crazy finding out about people you know having similar issues. I have severe PSSD. I mentioned to my cousin that I have some damage done by antidepressants. He was curious as to what type of damage. He then relayed his terrible experience taking Propecia. He said he had ED, low libido, brain fog, etc. He then said he’s about 80% of what he was after a few years. I was stunned and immediately thought about a genetic component.


Thanks for sharing @Devolution. I have experienced near complete reversal of symptoms at times, I’m optimistic that we are all capable of significant reversal of our problems, it’s definitely worth sharing these experiences.

@jrums01, your family info could be illuminating. Could you ask your cousin to participate in our 23&Me project?


But, what did you do to get better?


Good job Devolution! and yeah PFS isn’t permanent, I’ve experienced a 100% temporary recovery too. I’m sure that once a treatment exists, the symptoms can be fixed in no time. We have to keep up hope.

Even my dick grew back to its normal size, so i don’t think we’ll have to worry about that either.


Thanks for the responses everyone, it only lasted a few minutes and nothing else reversed, but my head just felt clear for a few minutes and I genuinely felt like i wasn’t behind a lens, like I could see things more normal, seeing objects fully not just parts, it’s hard to explain but it was definitely something and I’m glad I experienced it because when this condition is reverted, hopefully all the other crap will to. :blush:


I’ll also add I’ve been getting asleep the last week for the first time in ages, I still struggle to get up initially as I don’t feel refreshed. I’ve been taking melatonin for over a year now which worked initially but lost its effect, the past week I’ve been taking Promethazine, it’s an antihistamine and has been helping me feel tired consistently, thought it’s worth mentioning and safe to try, it’s prescription over here the tablet i take, phenergan. Presume any brand works, if your struggling definitely worth a try since it works better than sleeping pills for me. I take that and 10mg on melatonin a night.


I will ask him that.