Always tired vs insomnia

I’m getting the general idea that most people have insomnia while I have a tired constantly feeling, like I could sleep at anytime… is this the case for anyone else ?

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I have the problem where I’m yawning and constantly tired all day where I feel like I could lay down and go to sleep instantly but when I actually lay down I get a wired feeling in my brain where it’s hard to sleep. Some nights I’m able to fall asleep faster but I still wake up pretty tired and it gets worse in the middle of the day and afternoon.

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Exactly how I feel, man it blows

Especially working as an RN who does days and nights lmao

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Oh man that blows! Do you ever drink coffee? I pretty much have to to get through a lot of days although I know it’s probably not helping my situation in the long run. Also have you ever had a temporary recovery with your sleep issues? Out of the 4 years I’ve had pfs, like 3 or 4 times I have had a stretch of a few days where I sleep all night and wake up refreshed and feeling good but it never lasts.

Hypersomnia and fatigue during Accutane treatment.
Insomnia and increased energy during several-week rebound after stopping.
Severe hypersomnia and fatigue after crashing that lasted for around 13-14 years post-drug. I would feel as if I could fall asleep standing up at work many days and would get too tired to speak at social events if any amount of alcohol was involved.
This began to improve for me in the past few years to where I wouldn’t be tired all day long until bedtime and would wake up after 8 hours of sleep and not feel groggy and weak.
High-does B-vitamins this August have put me in a state of severe insomnia that has gradually been improving.

There really seems to be a mixed bag with this condition, with more claims of insomnia than hypersomnia.

great description. this hits the nail right on the head