Adding to the statistics


I’m much older and first got symptoms 3 years ago after taking Procar for prostate only as a precaution…doctor assured me no sidef effects. I’ve been ravaging forums and trying different things since then (only took Procar 2 months but that was more than enough time, especially at 5mg dosage). I feel your pain…even at my age I’m 56 now) I had enjoyed a good sex life and laying besides my bride that I only married a few years prior with no interest really was despressing…only yesterday was I able to actually have sex without tons of viagra… (well over recommended limit) and not sure why…been trying trying a new supplement regime I found from another forum. As long as there is life, there is hope…you can’t do anything from the grave and would miss out on the joys of your family. Just like they recently discovered a cure for Aids i remain hopeful that this too one day will be cured.


i dont think there is a cure for HIV (except the berlin patient) but there is a good therapy for hiv so i get your point :blush:


Cure detailed here:


its dangerous but yeah. agreed …


yep…i think even in the article it sort of talks about is it even worth it vs. the drugs already available just to keep it in check… but I thought it was interesting as I remember when AIDS first came out (or even before it was formally acknowledged…they just knew people started dying but weren’t sure what it was) to see in the span of time to move to a drug cocktail that kept you alive, comfortably, and now a “cure”. Just hope that perhaps one day soon they will do the same with PFS…fingers crossed!