Accutane as a teenager and penis growth

I took at the age of 16 too… i have the same concerns as you. I guess i will never know what would my penis look like if i never took the poison. My penis is even smaller now. But i now it is reversible, one day. I hope it didn’t lowered the growth rate of my penis… because as i read, it can grow up to 18… i had some low semen volume issues on it and quit few days after. My semen volume is still low since that horrible day. I just hope it just damaged my prostate and not my penis… i didn’t have libido symptoms…

Just found my first post in an Off-topic thread about Accutane in a technology forum in my Country. It hurt a lot. Im amazed how much i forgot these times. I couldn’t even remember when i took it. Turns out i was actually near 16. I calculated the date on my post which states that the semen volume problem showed itself that day. I took the poison at the age of 15 years, 11 months, 28 days. I just hope inside that i was a clever boy enough that time to make sure about myself that i didn’t have any issues besides low semen volume… I just hope now, that it didn’t stop my penile growth… just hoping.
This is just horrible, i will never know what kind of a man i would be if i never took this drug… thats the hardest part of all. I am crying. This is just so fucking unbearable.

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Anyone can help and comment on this?

I’m sorry but the best advice anyone can give you here at the moment is to meet a therapist and figure out how to better handle how this makes you feel. It should be reversible in the future, but in the meanwhile, this is clearly causing you some severe distress and learning to handle your mind is something you should do to reduce the amount of suffering you’re experiencing.

You claim to be one of the mildest cases here, and although this disease isn’t that easy on any end , it can be easier than it is for you right now if you work on what you can.

Good luck Cooper.


I am sorry you were hit by Accutane, @cooper. Unfortunately, so was I. I think @borax has given some solid advice and it is worth paying attention to.

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But you didn’t experience PAS. That’s the difference. You didn’t crash. But i did with just 4 pills. So is there a possibility that it damaged my penis growth? I thnik it stopped my peak sexuality. I wonder what size it would be if i never took the drug. Because it surely damaged my prostate. Although the mental libido was fine i have still experience low semen volume since that day.

Guys anyone knows is there a chance to express your genetical potential once you recover?

Like if Accutane/PAS damaged my penile development, if i recover back at 22, can my penis grow to its genetical potential back? Like a mini- second puberty?

Anyone who knows how genes and hormones work, please help me to understand. Thanks.

Hey pete, sorry if this comes out of nowhere. But may i ask at what age you took Accutane and most importantly:

I ask this question for anyone and everyone here,

At what age your penis stopped developing in length and girth?

Has anyone noticed or measured an increase on erect penis size after the ages 15- 16? (pls state at what age you hit puberty too.)

Thank you all.