A Potential Cure/Treatment


Okay i have some actually quite encouraging news, and i stumbled upon it by accident. This also plays into what many of us have been talking about in this thread.

Recently, I had to take a Z-pack (azithromycin) for a sinus infection. Long story short the antibiotics worked wonders on the sinus infection, but a few days after i finished the regimen, I noticed that my stomach was bloated and painful. I was wracked with fatigue and my dick simply stopped working, as did my libido in general. On the 3rd night with my brand new gf, i couldn’t perform–and couldn’t for over a week. She was a trooper and hung tough. But yes, it was yet another crash…or was it? This time I knew that the symptoms were being caused by stomach problems, so i went with my go to cure: omeprazole/esomeprazole.

This is important because some have suggested that omeprazole can help PFS because it is a 5AR inhibitor. Well, this time omeprazole didn’t work, so I’m pretty certain this isn’t an issue in which I’m getting help from another form of 5AR inhibitor.

Growing desperate, I gave up on the pharmaceuticals and decided I’d try a different way to calm my stomach down. After hours of searching the web i found several supplements that were rumored to have a calming effect on the GI tract and that people use for autoimmune gut problems. I started taking digestive enzymes with every meal. I also started culturing my very own coconut water kefir (im vegan). I drank kefir (more than 20 types of probiotics) morning and night. Also took colostrum day and night (not vegan :frowning_face: ). Took L-glutamine, marshmellow root, shilijat, and licorice root. Lookup any of these herbs/supplements on amazon and you will find hordes of reviews touting their ability to alleviate all sorts of gut/autoimmune issues. Not very scientific, but whatever.

A week and a half later, I must say I am dumbfounded by how great my stomach feels. My libido is back and my little buddy stands to attention quicker and with more gusto than ever.

What i’m going to do is slowly ween myself off each supplement one at a time and see which is having the greatest effect. If none of them prove to be helping more than the others, then ill just stop them all and see if i can cruise on without taking anything. Perhaps, I just needed to reset my gut and i wont have to continue taking these pills. But either way, im not sad. My stomach and pelvis feel better now than even before i’d ever heard of propecia or PFS.

If anyone wants to try this, i can provide links to the stuff i bought on amazon. Each item was between $9 and $13. Total was around 50 bucks. I would have paid thousands for this result in the past.


How is it going now @FINished?


Id definitely like a link to some of these products.


@FINished Hey I would love hear what the regimen you used here was.


I am interested too.

Please DM me the links


Please don’t DM the links, post them here and let everyone see them!