90% recovered from PSSD after 4 years

Hey guys. Haven’t been here for a while. Just want to tell you that I’m about 90% recovered from PSSD. I am not fake - you can check my old posts (from 2019.) or ask some other PSSD sufferers from WApp group who know me as Louis.

What’s better - everything. Mentally I’m 100% pre pssd - no anhedonia. Sexually I’m 90% pre PSSD. I’ve had so many ups and downs since 2018. For the last 6 months I’m stable.

I’ve tried many things, and can’t tell you what helped. The recovery process was so weird and ustable. E.G. SJW helped me, but also crashed me few times. Same thing for inositol, I’m not sure, but overall I think it helped… I think my recovery was mostly natural - I went vegetarian for 2 years (now I eat everything without any problems) and stopped taking alcohol for 2 years (now I’m drinking again).

I’ve never took any illegal drugs, nor weed.

There is hope guys, I probably have so many things to tell you but that’s it for this post.

Feel free to ask me anything.

God bless you all.


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