1 pill of finasteride has ruined my life

I’m a 27 year old man from Northern Ireland and on February the 28th of this year I had decided to take the plunge and try finasteride as I was feeling insecure about losing my hair. I was aware of finasteride side effects beforehand and was aware of them but I never knew that it would systimatically destroy my body.

The first day that I took the pill within a few hours, I had felt tingling down my entire face and my heart started racing like a horse I thought I just go home and sleep it off, the next day I awoke my penis had shrunk, literally looked like I was 7 again, I shit myself and decided to watch porn right there and then and I couldn’t no matter how hard I tried there was instant disconnect between brain and penis. I then began to hear ringing noise in both ears (tinnitus) and extreme fatigue, 3 weeks I laid up in bed completely dumbfounded as to how 1 pill could cause so much havoc in my body. Forwarded on March 17th just as I thought I was seeing a slight improvement I had contracted a respiratory infection and boy o’ boy did my world turn upside down. My whole body crashed unlike anything I had ever experienced, 10 times worse than any flu or cold I ever had, I went straight to hospital they run tests and sent me home this would be one of many visits over the coming months. After the viral illness my symptoms progressed, I had pains and aches in every part of body especially in the places lymph nodes are located (neck, underarms, backs of legs) I had oral thrush for several weeks, blurry vision (floaters in eyes) that got worse, cognitive decline, diarrhea for months which I lost over 15lbs in weight, extreme fatigue (I couldn’t get out of bed for months unless it was going to the hospital). I should also state that I sent away for a toxicology report which came back today that read High calcium/potassium ratio, low sodium/magnesium ratio both indicative of Reduced thyroid function and Reduced adrenal cortical function.
My life has been destroyed from only 1 pill, I wish more awareness was brought forward about the side effects not listed instead of having to find out about them on this.


Very sorry to hear your experience my friend, these stories are all to common here as there’s others that have been severely affected by only 1 pill.

I understand how bad the fatigue is along with the sexual dysfunction and brain fog.

Have you reported your side effects? Done any hormone blood tests at all?

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What’s the use of reporting it American corporations are protected by the government they have them in their back pockets even if there’s 20% of people affected they won’t pull it off the shelves especially if people cannot see the damages- deny, deny, deny. Vioxx produced by Merck killed more Americans than Vietnam before they halted it. I haven’t had my hormones checked yet Aaron and tbh what can they give me to make me better I’m biologically fucked. :pensive:

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i think GOV and Merck is fully aware of what Fin is capable of, its part of bigger image and plan, its impossible that this kind of shit is still on market and Gov just doesntcare or doesnt acknowledge the sides

Just look at opioids, it’s the biggest killer in America right now and they created even more potent painkillers where does it end. My question is who bypassed finasteride to be used in the UK market despite obvious side effects that are non-reversible.

They are reversible, just a mysterious puzzle you need to solve.

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We should all ban together and make YouTube videos on our experience if we got at least 100 of us on this forum to talk about this we can spread awareness about our condition. Another member on here already had this idea so I think it’s worth a shot.

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I’m game and I’m up for making YouTube videos in a professional and well organized manner that gets the message across. We’d need every one on this forums support, sharing, liking, commentating across all social media platforms. Then we go for the snakes head once we have enough exposure and file a civil suite requesting that they fund towards finding a solution in the tune of millions to an anonymous pharmaceutical company picked by propeciahelp.com and postfinasteridesyndromefoundation so that there can be no meddling. There’s no reason why we shouldn’t do this what else have we got to lose our lives are already fucked. We are fighting for our lives rememeber that everyone!

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Hi Ryan, I am really sorry to hear of your terrible experience.

You should receive an invitation from the forum to take our symptom survey soon. It’ll take you around an hour. The survey is the most comprehensive examination of the effect drugs like finasteride can have on patients that there has ever been and is already delivering data we have never seen before. We are confident that the survey results will be helpful in attracting more attention to our shared problem. You can read about it here:

Post-Drug Syndrome Survey FAQ. Survey NOW LIVE - Please Participate?

With regard to YouTube videos, etc. We are currently exploring how best to go about this and would welcome your participation soon.

This is all true but it is still worth it to report your symptoms. Officials at least need to pretend they care about the public interest so an overwhelming number of reports eventually has to elicit some kind of response.