Why nobody believe us


I am having a storng penile shrinkage during the first week on propecia, im now on two months and i think to cut it out, i need your help.

No place in the internet have information about penile shrinkage from propecia, no scientific articles or research, not written in the side affects page of the drug even not make sense.

So what the fuck is going on, i am losing my mind im imagining everything??? The only place on the internet who have information about this is here. Why no orologist in the world believe propecia can cause pinele shrinkage? Why fda and scientific research didnt prove it? What the fuck so special about us that we the only minority that expirence this curse.
My brother taking this drug for 6 fucking years and expirence nothing am i just imagine? My pinnes is fucking stiff like hell, my balls hang so low and i am losing my mind checking it every day and seeing skin folds that give me proves, and now im think they were on my dick before.

Why the fuck nobody in the world believe us? Why we the only people that expirence this shit and way i finding my self trying to lying that everything its ok and it just temporary should i cut the drug off?


If you’re responding negatively to propecia, I believe that Merck advise sticking with the drug and that side effects will subside.

However, I believe that Propecia is likely to be unsafe for you and that continuing with it is unlikely to be a positive experience.

You may get other points of view.

Unfortunately, I have to say that though I will not lock this topic, this forum is for people experiencing post-drug side effects and if you are planning on continuing using the drug then this is not the place for you.

If you do cease using the drug and have problems we are here to help and support any way that we can.


Because when people is happy, they think that the unhappy people are just assholes. It is much worth to think on how to live their lives and who enjoy with their dick with.
Like most of us before finasteride.


Stop. Please. Period.


Beyond re-iterating what @Greek says, with regards to penile shrinkage, you can help change the lack of information about this potential side effect by filling in an adverse drug reaction report. Details can be found here:https://www.pfsfoundation.org/report-side-effects/

The more reports, the greater the likelihood of it making the insert label.

The PFS Foundation website is also a good resource with regards to studies: https://www.pfsfoundation.org/publications/


i think the most people believe the sexual sides. but the mental sides after stopping are too unlogical for the most people :confused:


For the same reason there is no Wikipedia page about PFS…

The world is a very different place than what they teach us in school. And so is man a very different beast than what we had believed.

Otherwise there are a lot of rat studies finding penile shrinkage.

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