What happened to CURE PFS website


What happened to curepfs the site is down

It makes me wonder what happened to all the forum members have any of them joined here or is the site down for maintenance.

Anyone have any ideas


Its better to only have one big forum anyway.


Definitely but i can’t understand why they haven’t joined this forum .


I think most of the active guys on solvepfs (including me) joined this forum this year.


That’s good news but bad news
It would of been nice to hear some new information of the positive sort I can’t help but see we are all beating our heads against a brick wall


It is SolvePFS, before the site went down I noticed that the recovery section got deleted, then the whole site went down with the message PHP 5.6 EOL (End Of Life)


@axolotl, who used to be an admin there, had proposed to the guy that runs Solve (Eden), to join forces with us. Our proposal was to merge the content of both sites into one big one. Unfortunately, he declined. In case Eden reads this, the offer still stands. If he has a backup (which I hope he does), I can import the content of Solve to this site. It makes zero sense to divide our community and efforts into multiple forums. We need to be together in one place, for maximum visibility and impact.


Let’s hope he sees this info and contacts you it would be a fantastic step in the right direction :+1:


Solve seems to be up again, with a new design. Very similar to this one.


Yeah. SolvePFS is on again.


man it looks IDENTICAL to this site now


You’re damn right. :rofl:


Anyone have problems logging into solvepfs.com ?


Can you guys login into solvepfs? I cannot… Why?


Damm it what’s the point in having two forums i wish we could all unite …


It’s a shame that Eden declined the offer to work together. At a time where we are trying to broaden the horizon and to consolidate several patient communities in one space to create a bigger group with bigger resources and bigger impacts, he chooses to divide the community. It will be detrimental to our cause. We need more collaboration and more public visibility. What we don’t need is separated communities and communities that are not easily accessible.


That https://www.acne.org/forums/topic/295030-repairing-the-long-term-damage-from-accutane/ thread needs to go down I think, it’s an endless spiral of nothing, anyone who messaged me on it, I told to come here anyhow. I removed all my posts from it now, don’t see the point of that thread anymore in all fairness.


Ive just had a look myself they do seem to have very similar issues but they don’t really have any idea if info that’s of any real use.

Ive also just been looking on metoo propecia it’s far more informative and lots of real life stories from people in our shoes they also reference the pfs foundation if i had a twitter account i would direct them this way but it’s quite likely they already know of this forum anyhow.
The only way forward is to unite everyone


What’s the twitter do it !


Google metoo propecia mate it’s like a twitter based forum.