We only need $40,000 more to begin the most important PFS study yet. PFS Network is matching some donations. Let put our $$$ where our mouths are!

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Yo, we are only $40,000 from funding this project. Its a new team of researchers that is passionate about actually finding a MOA and a cure and they are working “at cost” so all new research will be manageable to fund and building off what the epigenetic research that basically confirmed the AR theory. Now its time to pinpoint the issue, build animal models, and therapeutic approaches! We can probably do all of these in the same amount of time it took Baylor / Khera to do one study with this new team!

The PFS Network is matching all donations up to $5,000.

Better yet, this team is not going to take a damn decade like Baylor/Khera did and will be super transparent on the results and steps.

I’ll start this thing off, here is $50 ($100 with PFS Network contribution!). Step up guys, this new research team is what we have been begging for for 15 years!

Screen Shot 2021-12-16 at 2.49.54 PM

Elucidating epigenetic mechanisms as a cause of Post-Finasteride Syndrome

Expected to begin in early 2022, The Institute for Human Genetics at the University Medical Center Schleswig-Holstein will be building on the important results from Baylor College of Medicine. These landmark findings demonstrated significant deregulation of gene expression in PFS patient tissue which correlated to observed biological differences in patients and their self-reported symptoms. While Baylor’s results indicate a what , we now need to expand into the why with more modern investigative techniques.

The objective of this research is to investigate induced epigenetic changes, including altered methylation in the AR regulatory region, or alterations to the chromatin landscape, which may underlie a pathologically changed sensitivity to androgens and the widespread dysregulation of gene expression discovered in Baylor’s research. Elucidation and understanding of disease mechanisms is a necessary step in identifying potential treatments of Post-Finasteride Syndrome.

In this study, researchers will use state-of-the-art high throughput sequencing to investigate potential changes in the spatial organisation of chromatin. Chromatin structure is a key component in gene expression, and identifying changes could provide key insights into the pathological drivers underlying altered gene expression in Post-Finasteride Syndrome.

This investigation is crucial as identification of driving epigenetic changes will allow for accurate modelling of Post-Finasteride Syndrome in animals. Such modelling will help us understand the core pathomechanism and hopefully identify targets for therapeutic treatments of PFS to benefit you or your loved one.

The scientists involved in conducting this research have world leading expertise. The supervising lead has diagnosed a molecular level androgen insensitivity driven by epigenetics as opposed to code variation. Another scientist lending his collaborative input has published in Cell reports evidence that overexpression of the AR is able to drive genome-wide chromatin relaxation and gene expression alteration in refractory prostate cancer. Finally, sequencing and interpretation expertise will be lent by a professor who reviewed the state of the art in structural and quantitative chromosomal rearrangements, their analysis, and role in disease in Nature reviews.

The project will cost approximately €80,000, pending sample collection. Large donors are encouraged to contact us directly.

This important study can only take place with your support. If you or a loved one are affected by Post-Finasteride Syndrome, please give generously by clicking the button above.


As Mike Tyson once said…I take my hand off to you! I setup a recurring 50 euros but will make another donation to go with this now…


Donated 100, will set up recurring donations.


You will be better served putting your money here instead of crazy hormone therapies that do nothing or worse…

Follow the science and the science is saying it is dna damage not hormones…


$200 + 200 raised in 3 hours

I have a guy who is pledging $2,000-5,000 in March. But lets keep hitting it today!


this is me and my friend,after that I donate 100€ again


Thanks @moonman1, this is very kind of you!

Just to clarify, our group is matching the total of donations made up to 5000 EUR, until the 4th of January. But as we haven’t hit that amount, we will extend it until the end of January.

So, if we receive 5000 EUR in donations total, we will contribute another 5000 EUR ourselves personally.

We’ll have an update on fundraising progress next week - keep it going!


Everyone should participate in donation. Everyone only needs to contribute a little. We can act immediately.


I will donate £1500 in February. I will try to donate 500 of it earlier to help reach the 5000 target just with being at my sisters longer that I expected I dont have full access to my finances and I am also all over the place with the disease so apologies for chopping and changing my message but the intent and commitment is there


Please note for anyone reading this thread that PFS Network is not the PFS Foundation. The PFS Foundation does not currently have any research projects they are fundraising for, so if you wish to directly fund our research project, please donate via our website.


How much donated so far?

The total required funding is about $80,000 so we’re halfway there.

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Have you considered a pfs Network Facebook page?


At least $500 + $500 raised in 24 hours

I know a number of guys donated that did not post in here… so it’s likely much more.

I have a guy I emailed who will donate $3,000-5,000 in March.

Let keep going this week… I know today is payday for some of you!


If I can give any of u guys strength I hope this does something to help.
I’ve come home tonight and I’m distraught for no reason the only way out feels like suicide. My life feels over I’ve lost everything, I’m physically destroyed as well as being mentally tortured around the clock its none stop. But I try to fight on for my loved ones and for the greater cause it’s beyond comprehension for most people, Tears, tonight and pain beyond belief, I plead for an escape daily, I want away out. I try to compose myself for my sisters sake while in SA she’s my sanctuary but she’s been in tears despite me trying
to mask it, we don’t want to impose our suffering. Then something as simple as her cat jumped on my lap, rubbed up against me and my distress ebbed enough that I got past the storm. Animals sense suffering and don’t ask for anything in return, it’s unconditional. In the worst times there is always something to hold us / me back from the abyss
I believe God is with us he continues to show me the most basic, beautiful and free things in life to keep me going. No matter what even if its just a pinch/ a demonstration of love its is enough to stay around its happened so many times these last few years when it’s felt like the end and there’s nothing left. I still Ieel fortunate to be here despite the horrors of this disease. Faith and belief is my strength. God isn’t for everyone but he won’t come along unless u invite him into your life. Believe me “for those that wonder how the fuck I’ve made it this long it’s because of my faith and belief” I’m no Bible basher I was a complete boyo, a socialite etc this has levelled me and brought me back to the basics. Forgiveness, love, basically everything thing that is the opposite to what upsets u . Whenever u feel bad about this disease turn it on its head hate turn it to love, resentment to Forgiveness weakness to strength suicide to life a total change of mindset can set us all free. Belief and faith is more powerful than drugs and its beneficial been around for centuries for those that believe.


Just donated 200 euro, cmon guys we all wanna get better lets get this going :smiley:


today’s donation!




Thank you Baitong! That is amazing.

And I think we’ve found a new measurement - Baitongs. :joy:


Unfortunately I still couldn’t make a donation, due to unforeseen expenses but I will also donate €100 at the end of the month when I receive my next salary, and let’s hope things will stay financially stable so I can keep contributing. The sooner we get to the donation goal, the better.