Update: still completely recovered, raging libido for the last four years

I can tell you aren’t clear on the concept and I don’t think I’m getting anywhere with you. Good luck.

Hello guys,

I’ll start my first cicle of Tribulus VemoHerb.
Can you help me to understand how should I make the cycle the best way possible?
Should I take some other fast medication before starting the first cycle?

I’m new here and need help ASAP, fucking unmotivated and sad!
Thank you friends!


Most of the info you seek has been laid out in this thread my man. Start slow, build up, taper off.
Good luck, keep us updated on your progress.
Most importantly, it is normal for you to feel negatively while on cycle. Push through it as much as you can but don’t put yourself out too much.

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What is your symptoms though? Read the first OP’s post for the cycles. Im going to use same tribulus next week, i will update you all. Please update us with details too, if you go better. Peace out.

Guys i got my Tribulus with me. Has anyone who got worse with Androgen supplementation (TRT etc.) experienced positive benefits from Trib? I don’t want to screw myself again…

Some feel worse on trib. Its talked about in this thread on a couple of occasions

A few days ago I received 2 bottles of MediHerb, the actual legit stuff from the OP. Cost me a shitload (around 130 USD with shipping) so I hope that it will be worth it. I took the first pill today. Will see how it compares to VemoHerb and what results I get.


I wanna die.
Why the hell is this happening to me?

What’s wrong?

Hey just tried a swedish brand of tribulus yesterday. I woke up with morning wood first time in forever! Will follow the cycle and see what happens


Which brand?

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swedish supplements, it said it had high Protodioscin content.

Can you ellaborate? Low allopregnenalonone levels hase extremly correlated with suicidal ideation, wat have you done?

" japsufferer

I wanna die.
Why the hell is this happening to me?"

relax, its possible to fix this. Have you looked into fecal transplants to fix your gut flora quicker than normal? Dont go and do something stupid

Sorry, but it’s just sometimes I feel so depressed just because of my sexual issues due to finasteride.
I don’t think I have depression or any other kind of mental issue.
Perhaps my conditions might not be way too bad. But, I mean, anyone would wanna die if he can’t expect his decent sex life for the rest of his life.


I understand you, my depression is mostly due to my sexual sides as well, otherwise I would be going through this situation a whole lot better had I not gotten these symptoms.

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Same here I came to terms with my subpar sexuality but it keeps getting lower no matter what

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I took both finasteride, saw palnetto and roaccutane. My dick has been dead for 10+ years. I always have to use Viagra and cant say theres much feeling. However I did feel recovered one time. The only thing i remember i was doing at the time was eating tons of Kefir, meditation with an app on the phone and I do think i was doing intermittent fasting 16h per day at the time as well. I might have been taking raw crushed garlic on empty stomach in mornings to for a while. I never kept any protocol but I think all of those things help the gut flora. Ive already scheduled the fecal transplant but it will be 2 months until then. If I feel just 20% better its worth the 3000 USD for 5 treatments.

I think finasteride fucked up the gut and the brain. I thought meditation was complete nonsense until i found studies showing MRI brain scans of subjects that had brain changes after 90 days of meditating daily.

Just started Tribulus as well. I had morning wood first day but now I just seem to have insomnia from it.

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and your erection?

Japsufferer believe me I understand. Mine happened at 54… and I was so focused on staying sexually potent… really killed my confidence at a time when things start to go south from age anyway…but I must admit, as I sit here and type this and think back 3 years ago, I’m in a better place. I was really depressed when my wife would walk around naked and I had no reaction…hell, I used to get wood just from looking at her (she looks fantastic even though she is a year older than me). But today, with not so desirable means, I’m doing better… I would love to be normal again one day and the guys on this forum are really helpful in being supportive and informative. Don’t give up, it will get better!

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