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What’s PE?


to an extent, i agree with ozeph regarding doctors. however, there are doctors who treat hollistically, treat the patient with drugs only if necessary, and doctors who have great hands on skill such as vascular or wound care doctors. it really depends on many factors. this wasn’t the point of the thread but i had to share


Lmao, you used Anavar, TRT and SARMS and claiming that you recovered with exercise and sexual abstaining??
Quit taking TRT and see what will happen… i hope you don’t experience secondary crash. TRT is just dangerous


How is TRT dangerous lol? There is zero evidence supporting this.


Zero evidence??? Do you have any idea about what happens when you quit using TRT? It shuts down your own natural Testesterone production. Jeez.


I quit using it and went right back even better…If you don’t juice it like an idiot your natural production picks right back up…


First off. Yes it shuts you down only if your megadosing for a long time lol… and the guy said nothing about quitting. If you go short with a pct than no. Most people come back.

You said TRT is dangerous. Not quitting TRT cold turkey is dangerous.

Being on TRT alone is not dangerous. It’s actually safer than having clinically low T. So geez yourself…