Time to introduce (I took everything)

Feeling really good the last days. Hopefully for a longer timeframe.

Still will keep up with alcohol and tada.


The injury of our manhood and our entire life is deep and fatal.

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I did it yesterday. It was good I felt relieved.


You can fix it man. You are not done and you know it.

I don’t want to start a demotivating post like the last time but I don’t know where to reach out for help anywhere else. I always thought that it is hard to find someone who understands you but it’s more difficult for myself to keep going like this with a girl. .

Ordered tribulus for my next step.

Stay clear of Tribulus, that is dangerous stuff.

I just took two pills last August and regret it to this day

What happened to you?

Don’t feel bad for venting. As you say, this is the only place you can find likeminded people who understand what you’re going through. Wishing you strength brother.


Where to start? I basically went from being quite mild victim to more serious situation.

I had mild gyno before Tribulus but after taking it, it made right side worse, also must have messed up my immune system as I got a facial dent on right cheek and alopecia patches on my beard hair and lost hair down right side of leg below knee.

Also got popping joints sounds on right side of shoulder which has improved somewhat.

Got very fatigued which thankfully rectified, got very very bad sensitivity to indoor light which also rectified after few weeks.

I have become less tolerant to stuff, for example I used to drink coffee every morning now can only drink once a week.
Took a bath recently using bath salts and heart start racing and penis shriveled up for a week. Tribulus made my body ultra sensitive to any form of supplements, they generally fatigue me within a couple of days.

For me huge mistake trying Tribulus after reading on here it works for some

And admittedly I took the strong Bulgarian brand, but I only took two capsules.

Another poster, think by the name of Andras had serious issues also with just taking two capsules also.

Wow, that’s crazy. Sorry for that. Are you sure that was just Tribulus?

Just Tribulus, all those symptoms started within 24hrs of taking it, took nothing else.

PFS has some weird ability to make our bodies respond negatively to certain supplements which our body wouldn’t do if we hadn’t PFS

Today I continued to take testogel until my next appointment. My doc recommended me to start again until the next bloodwork is done. After that I will definitely quit taking testogel.

@SkinDiesel Thank you. The best for you too!

@IrishLegend Thank you for reaching out to me. For now I will keep tribulus, wellbutrin and doxazosine in my closet.

Yes, could be the case. I was tempted to try Tribulus, now I’ll try smth else.

How are you feeling now? I’ve read your improvement after testogel didn’t last. Any changes? What’s bothering you the most now?

It fluctuates, I can’t certainly say why. Surprisingly yesterday I had such good intercourse (while standing and laying) several times within 2 hours. It was awesome. I don’t know maybe because I restarted taking testogel yesterday in the morning. Penis sensitivity during sex was incredible.

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The mornings are the worst. Depressed feeling and no motivation to get up. Heart is racing and I am feeling much more anxious. It is starting to affect my work.

Same as me. The morning glory of my old life is gone. Now Depression and thoughts of suicide kiss me in the morning.

But we can be happy that we can stand up in the morning. Many forgotten boys and girls here are unable to get off the bed. For more than three months I was bedbound too, stand up at three a clock, ordered food and lay down again after a few hours.

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The first months where you realise that you have this rare condition are the worst. Being depressed and having an overall stressed body can’t contribute to improvements. Being avare of having it makes it easier to cope. At least easier than ignoring it.

Btw: Had really good erections and intercourses without alcohol the last weeks. Better than with.

Right eyelid started twitching. Neck cracking more often. Both without any pain but still irritating.