The p shot cures erectile dysfunction


Has anyone ever tried this P SHOT surely this Would be the best way to resolve sexual issues
This shot claims to cure erectile dysfunction and add size.
Someone must have tried this by now Could someone please let me know if they have and what the outcome was…
I can’t help but notice this forum has had a hell of alot of members and alot of them stop coming back at some stage surely these people have found some way to releive their symptoms or they would still be coming back here to find information …


I received a shot a couple months ago for my Doppler. It seemed to help for about a week or two. I’m back at baseline now.


Are you sure its the same shot mate
I would of thought that the shot for dopller Would be different ?
What are your symptoms mate and how long have you had them if you don’t mind me asking


I’ll make a detailed post of my story/symptoms when I get home. I received a priapus shot after the sildenafil injections before I left the urologist’s office to ensure I didn’t have any issues and didn’t have to go to the ER if it “didn’t go away.” If there is a difference between that and what you are referring to then apologies. But I did receive multiple priapus shots before leaving.


What is the P shot exactly?


Thanks for the reply mate really appreciate it