Stem Cell Therapy For Erectile Dysfunction

I’d recently came across an article saying Stem cell therapy for erectile dysfunction and it has successfully passed its first trials. It can be the good news for some of us.

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Post it please, we do like to read

Here is the link below

I was going to try this 6 months ago.

Don’t bother. I’m now taking prep after getting tested for safety.

Don’t waste time on the stem cells right now trust me. I know you can get desperate, but good things are around the corner.

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What things are around the corner?
Also, I think for some with structural damage , stem cells may be worth a go

Sage therapeutics coming out next year

Think we can expect positive news in regards to funding for more (private) studies And Baylor publishing etc.

Point is things are starting now, and based on people’s experience with substances that increase allopregnanolone I think sage is likely going to be good for us.

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Regarding Sage Therapeutics…I’m tryimg to get more info fbut from what i can gather it’s an Allopregnenalone therapy?
Ppl seem excited about it, can anyone chime in?

And regarding stem cell
If there is indeed neuropathy in the nerve fibers or any kind of nerve damage
From what I read I have such a hard time believing that stem cell won’t at least help us to some extent…I understand fully it won’t fix the root cause but for structural/physhcL damage it’s worth seeking out a reputable clinic imo…just a thought

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Most of the guys that took stem cells had limited benefits that didn’t last much, so it’s your call to be the next guy to try it but you won’t see much here about stem cells.

The main theory we are focused on right now is the root cause by epigenetic change.

As for sage 217 aka zurananolone, it’s in stage 3. Recently one of its trials failed but it has 3 other tests going and they will modify the failed test.

I think it’s very likely it will come out on time at of the end of this year or early next year, but it’s just a guess

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I see

The only thing I can add as to why there were limited results that were also short lived or transient is, as I’ve come to understand it.

Your body needs to be ready to accept the stem cells…provided they are quality ones of a particular type administered by a highly knowledgeable professional.
So many places load you up and say off ya go.
There needs to be tests done for example to check inflammation. IF you’re highly inflamed…then the stem cells address the inflammation first because they identify it as a threat. So they heal the inflammation without having gone to the other injuries. Not to mention the plethora of other tests that should be checked out.
Also, stem cells should not be looked at as a cure for this at all because I can’t be. PFS is on the genetic level most likely.
I feel stem cells are more for structural/tissue damage. They mainly facilitate the process of healing the injuries.
I mean God…people that are suffering from severe paralysis some are now benefiting from spinal cord injections of stem cells and have seen improvements.
I believe they do work…it’s just how they will and for whom.
I do believe that they can certainly help fix our structural damage PROVIDED the mechanism of a PFS is addressed.
I’m other words…after you’ve recovered OR they find a treatment/cure