Sharing info that might help you guys.


So I’m actually coming from the entire other side of the rainbow from where you guys are. In 2012, I was an idiot and ran a DHT derivative steroid called Epistane for 1 year. Towards the end of the year my DHT was so off the human charts that my hair started falling out and I got incredibly weak and it never went away. I recently decided to go on testosterone replacement therapy and we realized my DHT was still through the roof ( I had also been taking high dose boron because it will raise DHT and I thought and always heard that DHT would make you strong, *not the case if you have an insanely toxic amount of it) Anyways I started taking finasteride and its been like a miracle for me, all of my strength and euphoria have returned.

Before treatment, from the high DHT my libido was way too high, erections were way too easy to get, but I was actually so high in DHT I became physically weak. Now my libido is lower but fine, erections are able to happen (*but not by the wind blowing)

So if you follow my logic here and if anyone is brave enough to try, you could probably reverse your messed up blunted DHT by running a 20 day cycle of epistane and taking high dose boron (I have a medical lecture that talks about how high dose boron hydroxylates testosterone to DHT, which is what you guys are missing)

If you want the lecture let me know and I’ll update the post, if this posts pissed you guys off, then just ban me, I just wanted to share my experience because it could be a strong clinical clue for you guys, so I took the time out of my day to sign up and share it to be nice. I have no agenda here but to share this information. God bless and I hope you guys find your happiness again<3


Did anyone try this?

Does anyone know if any of the other sites have looked into this?


It’s extremely toxic for the liver.
Steroids aren’t the solution.
Don’t try.