Roman^s blood test please here

I think you should also check out your prolactin and prog if you haven’t unless I missed it.

I can do it, but just for my self?

I guess. There is always a chance that it is elevated causing symptoms. It would be in your favor to sort this out.

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I took a quick look on your labs and here are my initial findings:

  1. Low Vitamin D. Need to raise it
  2. High estradiol. Try to lower it naturally
  3. High Ferritin. Donate blood
  4. TSH is a bit high. Aim for TSH between 1-2
  5. High blood glucose. Are you diabetic?

Good luck!

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Blood glucose is sometimes high but i did a test another one for `logn sugar’ and there was fine.

VItamin D i drink every day.
Estradiol is high but how can make it low naturaly?

Normalizing your Vitamin D will lower Estradiol E2. Losing body fat will also help. Olive oil and caffeine are said to lower Estrogen in Men. You may also try low dose Zinc (~15-25mg/Day).

This is important because you need healthy ratio between Testosterone & Estradiol to feel good.

I drink a lot of caffeine, but you know what?

I have insomnia every day, I think it should be eliminated from my diet.

Damn neurosteroids.

Thank you for your help. Arimidex, I’m afraid to try.

My advice is to stay the hell away from Armidex and any other Aromatase inhibiting drugs! I tried Arimidex, Letrozol & Aromasin in the past and while they gave me temporary relief/remission, I ended up feeling worse and with more severe symptoms!

Low E2 symptoms are no joke! I was borderline suicidal at one point and felt extremely depressed like being suffocated in my own bed and couldn’t figure what’s wrong with me. The only thing that turned out in every bloodwork was very low E2 and it took me years to connect the dots.


  1. Lose weight/fat
  2. Workout
  3. Zinc (15-25mg) + olive oil + tongat ali + Vit D + beta-Carotene + high quality fish oil will help balance your E2.

zinc inhibitor 5ar?

Probably in massive doses. RDA is 11mg and doses of 15-25mg are found in many ZMA supplements and are touted to increase Testosterone while reduce E2.

I personally use 12mg and everytime I go higher I start to get low estrogen symptoms so I back off.

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Doomed what is RDA i am sorry i am not so educated, you really understand this stuff…

Recommended Dietary Allowance

I need to think about what you wrote-- I do have a problem with female hormones.

I’m obese in the female type (waist, ass, stomach).
A little gynecomastia.
Loss of musculature
And I’m thinking low libido and an excess of female hormones.

Maybe the finasteride caused an imbalance.

Man, it’s a bad I can’t drink DHT.