Proviron in the USA

What about aromasin instead of arimidex?

What separates aromasin vs arimidex vs novladex? Also if im running clomid with one of those, which would work best long term?
Ive seen something about arimidex causing estrogen rebound, but aromasin not causing that but I cant find anything about that mechanism and how it works. Im also lost as to how novladex works in.

There are two types of “estrogen blockers” SERMS and aromatase inhibitors and aromatase inhibitors have two caregories either suicidal and non suicidal. I would never recommend you take a suicide AI because several sucidial AIs have been shown to inhibit 5 alpha reductase which your CNS is desperate for 5ar hormones right now. Nolvadex is a serm and rebound isnt too worrying just taper off and you should be fine same thing with clomid and also make sure you have regular bowel movements. Aromasin is a steroid and a suicide inhibitor that permanently renders the aromatase enzyme it binds to inactive. Arimidex is a non steroidal aromatase inhibitor that works by competing with the aromatase enzyme and making the estrogen into something the body can’t use. Basically as far as safety goes SERMS>competitive AI>suicide AI. Lots of guys fuck up there aromatase enzyme and get messed up joints because they had low estrogen for years and i’ve also heard of aromatase inhibitors messing up peoples sex drives too. Just do some research on the drug before you take it and you should be ok.

Also i have avoided estrogen blockers entirely and recovered pretty well about 99 percent right now i only would have gone to an endo if proviron was legal or if i wanted to do TRT and take clomid but i decided to mostly stick to herbal treatment. I’d be more comfortable taking a serm like nolva or clomid now but i wanted to get my gut mostly fixed beforehand and i overcame most of the pfs symptoms already so i’m not sure if it would even help now.

Do you get erections from seeing an attractive girl? Are girls sexual beings to you, or just beings?

To me, thats the bar of livable recovery vs not livable. My penis has completely no reaction to attractive girls.

Also, I see the difference between suicide and non-suicidal. Finasteride is like a suicidal androgen binder, because it makes the 5ar it bonds to useless. But what does novladex do again? Would it work in conjunction with clomid to limit estrogen while clomid works to raise both testosterone and estrogens?

I’ve been there dude looking at girls now is the same as looking at a rock right? Nolvadex is a selective estrogen receptor modulator and it competes with estrogen for the receptor sites but has no effect on your body. You can read my recovery story if you want i’ve been exactly where you are as far as how girls were not attractive anymore it was very strange but they are definitley attractive to me again.

that’s exactly how i describe it to doctors, girls are like rocks. does your penis react to seeing them again? do you feel life move through your genital syste without touching them throughout the day? i will definitely take a look at your recovery, but i’ll say ashwagandha and tribulus only made things worse for me if they even did anything at all to begin with

but on topic, does anyone know of a way to get proviron in the usa?

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The problem with using tribulus alone is that all your testosterone will probably get convert to estrogen instead of dht

Thats why o really want to try proviron- it seems to boost free t without causing more estrogen to be made, and without increasing testosterone. Similar ultimate effect as the ai’s, in terms of incrrasing free t to estrogen ratio, but it boosts libido instead of nuking it. Why is this medicine illegal in the states?

No idea, there is a prescription version for methamphetamine called desoxyn but not one for DHT which is an extremely important hormone for humans

It’s very individualized though

Thats true to improve your symptoms probably requires self experimentation unfortunately since there is no magic cure pill

I have used Proviron. It had 2 noticeable effects for the week or two I was on it. (1) Muscles looked great, GF even commented on it. Part of it was loss of water weight which is likely due to depleting estrogen (2) Hair on head was falling out FAST. I stopped taking it due to #2. There was no effect on libido. I was not on it long as I mentioned. Someday when/if I am bald I will definitely hop back on it.

You won’t get a Rx for proviron in the US. Must buy it from the black market. Another option that is easier to get is Andractim which is a cream, but I dont think it is nearly as potent.

As far as AIs, I have a Rx for Letrozole. It is much stronger than the other AIs and I dont get a rebound effect with it like I can with the others.

If you decide to try out Proviron, please keep me updated. I would try a trial while taking TEST as well as without.

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Do you get erections from seeing hot girls?

also, i am willing to try this from any source! can anyone at all help get ahold of proviron?

Unfortunately its hard to obtain in the united states but 3-epiandrosterone is extremely similar only difference between that and proviron is 3 epiandro becomes straight dht in the body whereas proviron is dht with 1 methyl group. I hope that helps.

I’ll send you links to buy DHT prohormones if you’d like, based upon my theory you would need to raise DHT to supra-physiological levels the only way you can tell is by blood tests or possibly the way i could tell which is by feel there is a distinct mental effect having above human ranges of dht will create. By my theory the only supplements that can recover or aid in recovery your damaged body and CNS are those that would cause male characteristics in women for example creatine does not raise dht in women only healthy men, caffeine as well, however the following that WILL cause androgenic effects in women and hopefully therefore pfs sufferers in a total shutdown state, Tobacco which i’ll explain (although mild and not very noticeable inhibiting 3-alpha can force dht to rise via not being able to be properly metabolized by the body so some women actually do experience hormonal imbalances towards the male side of things such as facial hair.), anabolic steroids obviously and more specifically DHT testosterone and there derivatives, metabolites and precursors; not anavar or some weak ass shit, butea superba is reportedly used by Female to male transgenders and has been shown to increase androgens above normal human ranges in only one man (maybe i’ll be a guinea pig for you guys and OD on it and get a blood test). Other supplements i would NEVER suggest a women to take include tribulus, tongkat ali, yohimbe and other herbs that only positively effect male libido. Anything else such as creatine supplementation or cholesterol increases i do not believe will be able to help us as such changes only increase androgens in males via secondary mechanisms. I would only consider androgenic substances that are able work in a primary mechanism of action to be able to treat symptoms of pfs and possibly cure it and only supplements such as creatine can help people who are mostly recovered already not people who cant get hard at all. If you would like to treat yourself based upon my theory and recommendations please let me and others know what you will be doing and make sure to do your own research. I’d recommend asking your doctor but they would lose there medical licenses if they suggested such experimental forms of treatment until your condition has lasted 10 years if i’m correct so since they cannot even prescribe dht and can only help with clomid they’ll legally have to tell you not to do this even if they think it could help if i’m wrong someone please correct me.

As a disclaimer nothing I have told you is scientifically proven in any way to help pfs sufferers or relieve symptoms. This is only based on anectodal evidence and guesswork, i do not claim to be able to fix you and attempting treatment may cause worsening of your symptoms.

I actually just ordered epiandrosterone! Will luk how it goes. It sucks to say but i picked a date in February and if im not getting spontaneous erections in response to feeling sexually attracted again, and my pleasure from orgasm isn’t restored, I plan on saying good bye.

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I hope it proves to you that recovering your natural hormonal balance is possible. I hope it helps you feel a lot better. If one of your symptoms doesnt resolve like how my gut health didnt resolve by increasing dht maybe it can highlight an underlying cause or another disease you may have gotten thats been preventing you from recovering.

So i got epiandrosterone today. Any advice on dosages? Or previouse users effects?

Also, any one have advice on obtaining proviron? Like from any drs in canada or a legal country, or from a trusted website (maybe with proof the formula is real?)