Prostate Size - 10 ml


So I got a Transrectal Ultrasound, doctor said he didn’t find any inflammation or infection. He also said “prostate size is normal” but 10 ml seems awfully small for a 29 year old male. I dont know the size before because I never got it tested before I took finasteride.

Here’s the thing - whenever I sit down, I feel my prostate aggravated. On some days, I have frequent need for urination, like once an hour, and on other days, I don’t need to pee for like 3 hours.

I even did a cystoscopy, and nothing was found. I did urine samples, nothing found.

I don’t know my next step - prostate fluid check? Semen analysis for infection?

I know something is wrong, i just don’t know what. It’s ridiculous that doctors can’t tell you what’s wrong.

In regards to my actual PFS symptoms, it’s not as bad as people here, because I only took the drug for 5 days. I have a varicose vein, but 0 shrinkage. Erection quality seems pretty good, but I’ve been losing / getting weaker morning wood as of recently and that worries me. I honestly think I may have some type of UTI or prostatis.