Propeciahelp site news and feedback thread

I am very happy to hear that you are working on the donation aspect, hopefully integrated into this forum and not (only) on the main website (, which nobody visits in any case. That is probably one of the most important aspects and improvements possible for this forum.

I understand that the minimalist idea doesnt vibe with the signature suggestion. Formatting text however (especially the standard text align stuff and coloring options) enables more readable posts. Coloring in red blue green and standard align options I think would be an improvement.

It will be fully integrated with forum, and I am sure you’re going to love it. Standard Discourse supports Markdown for formatting. You can find a guide here. If you can’t find what you are looking for in that list, we (Discourse) can’t do it.

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A coordination with the foundation would probably be beneficial.

Could everyone please update their profile and let us know what you took by filling out the “Substance” field under Preferences.


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done! however it took me 1 minute to figure out where i have such an option since im new to this forum so id suggest an admin pm’s everyone with detailed instructions on how to set it

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Click on your icon and then on your profile

Click on Preferences:

Then click on Profile

Now scroll down a little, and you will see the field “Substance”. Select the appropriate value from the dropown list. You can also fill out the other fields such as “About me” and indicate in what country you live by selecting your national flag (all the way at the bottom of profile). This way, users from your country can get in touch with you, if you would like that.


Done. Good idea for data collection.


When posting references to scientific articles, please always post the pubmed link when available. This site has functionality which will then render a pubmed article like this:

The rendered summary of the article is much more useful to the reader than only a link.

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Enjoying the new look site! Great work, Awor & Axo!


Welcome to our international users :earth_americas::heart:

Over the years, propeciahelp has developed into a truly global site. Well over a thousand users visit us from all over the world each day. To better accommodate our international friends, we have now implemented a translation feature on this site. To use it, please proceed as follows:

  1. go to your profile as described here: Propeciahelp site news and feedback thread
  2. make sure that the “Interface language” setting is set to your language:
  3. If your language is now set to something else than English, you will now see this globe symbol:

If your click on it, you will see a translation of the post. Even though we are using state of the art artificial intelligence and machine learning services, don’t expect a really great translation for what we are discussing on this site :smile:

Have fun, and we hope that it will help our international visitors to better follow the conversations!


This is just plain awesome!


Is there a way to change to heart (love) reaction to a like (thumbs up) reaction? The current one is not appropriate to use after a depressing comment, even if I like the comment. Many times I don’t “like” something because I think it is inappropriate to “heart” it when someone is describing their dire straights. Other times I want to express my support for a post but the heart is simply not the right way to do it.

Our site just has gained another cool feature: Interactive checkboxes for member story symptoms. This will allow the user to easily revisit and revise the symptoms posted in the member story, thereby keeping it up to date.

If the member story was filled in correctly in the first place, it should now look like this (excerpt of sexual symptoms list):


That’s great, thankyou for your continued work.

Could the form be made to show dates of changes? We could track improvements and how long improvements took then as well.

This would represent a considerable extension of the plugin we are using to provide the checkbox functionality. However, we are currently working on an integration between a high-powered survey application and the software platform we are running this site on. Initially it will capture the full syndrome profile across all covered substances (finasteride, isotretinoin, anti-depressants, GnRHa’s, etc.). Once we have that running, we can then consider providing update surveys, which - combined with an analytics plattform - would end up delivering the kind of functionality you are talking about. The whole setup will be very cool and useful, but still requires quite some work.

Incidentally, if you (anyone on this forum) are a full stack ruby or php developer, and would like to donate some of your time to our cause, you are very welcome to join our tech team. We are working on some really exciting projects which we strongly believe will help us advance in our quest for a cure. If you are interested, please pm me.


I see that the symptoms list has been expanded here:

Would you consider doing the same with the member template to more accurately monitor the fuller spectrum of symptoms?

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Absolutely. @axolotl and myself are working on a comprehensive symptoms list which will be the basis for the survey app. I am under the impression that the mods have already seen it and had an opportunity to provide feedback. If you have not seen it, please pm me. Once that list is complete and approved by everyone, we will then freeze it, build it into survey app and update the member template, so everything is in sync. Further down the line, when the user fills out the survey, it will actually create the member story automatically.


We have just implemented a function which limits the member stories category to one topic per user. In case you are experiencing problems posting in the member story category, please provide feedback here.

Just noticed that there was a service interruption on our translation feature: It is now active again:

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