Prep medication, reversing pfs?

ive had positive experience in my first month’s supply, although not as drastic as the OP and others

i forgot to update and say that I ran out and didnt have time to order.

just ordered 2 months of supply.

gains actually lasted when i didnt take the prep

but they come SLOW, and even become flat for a while. lets see if i have more of the luck in the next few months


How to buy it from France ? I couldn’t find a reliable source and had problems with ADC.
Please help, I really want to try for at least 3 months.

its hard for me to tell you as im not in france.

tell ur doctor ur gay or that you dont want HIV because the person youre dating might be at risk for HIV and putting you at risk

find organizations that deliver prep med online in your area too. you will have to search around

You can get it on Indiamart. However I don’t know whether you can import medicine from outside the EU into France legally.

It’s very complicated in France and with my records I don’t they will believe me …
I tried to find online and had no success.

It’s too risky.

look at websites likes “inhousepharmacy” or other online pharmacists search for “truvada” or “tenofir” or other drug names of prep

They are not selling to France. At least I couldn’t find one.

Very reliable seller from my experience. Just enter truvada in search.

Where are you from?

It’s a UK site, but it might help.


You said earlier you tried, did it help?

no it didn’t. but i tried for 2 weeks only.

Ok I will wait then.
And Op claimed his success was because mushrooms first.

So, it worked for you ?

Any update on Prep ?

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Doesn’t work at all even made everything worse


I’m on prep. No noticeable differences but it’s hard to tell sometimes.


I am gay, I have taken Prep, and it has not changed anything with my PFS or my erectile functioning. When I take Prep I do not have a fear of getting HIV, a fear that has been around since HIV/AIDS starting in the 1980s. Generation X was especially fearful of HIV because we were entering our late teens and early 20s without treatments, well, not til mid 1990s.

@irishguy754 is feeling good now, and he has admitted to having mental health problems. A lot of us gay men have mental illness just from being gay, being threatened by HIV, being threatened by conservative people and religions in society, etc.

So I think his improvement is because he is feeling good psychologically. Which is wonderful to read! His PFS and many others’ PFS may be part psychological–or, having mental health issues make bodily functioning worse—like confidence in bed, confidence in getting and keeping an erection, feeling good because you are allowing yourself to feel horny/libido.