Post-Drug Syndrome Survey FAQ. Survey NOW LIVE - Please Participate


Hi, I suffer from PSSD over 3 months. I would like to recieve an activation link to the survey.

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Hi Vuctor, welcome to you and many thanks for joining and willing to participate in our survey. You should receive a link shortly per email and if not, please click on the graph icon in header.

Were i can take my survey

Hi I’d like to take the survey, I’m from the PSSD forum, it hasn’t given me access yet

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If you create a member story, it should unlock the survey for you, if not Awor will likely fix it for you tomorrow!


I am from the forum pssd but my problem was with the roacutan, I’ve already done the research now hoping that good news will foul us and thanks for the initiative. sorry my english Is bad


I would like to participate in the survey but it says that something’s gone wrong


Hi there, and welcome to our community. You should be able to participate by now, and thanks for that :slight_smile:


Hello. Im from the PSSD forum. Id appreciate it if you could send me on the survey. Thanks


Hi there metalman. Many thanks for joining our community and offering to take your survey. You should be receiving the email invitation in the next few minutes. In the mean time, you can click on the graph icon in the header, and you will be taken to time survey immediately.


Hi, I too hail from the pssd forum. May I take the survey?


Thank you for sending on so quickly. Have just completed & submitted it!


Hi @sinceCelexa2010
It is so great so see so many PSSD folks joining to participate and take the survey. Many thanks :grinning: You should be receiving an email invite any moment now, and you may also just click on the graph icon in the header to take the survey at any time.

Thank you! :+1:

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This is great! You PSSD folks are sure setting the bar high.

Very surprised to see that physical symptoms are so common among PSSD patients, as they weren’t discussed much on the PSSD forum. This is a huge advantage to a standard survey across our patient groups compared to simply reading anecdotal reporting.


Wow, if I am not wrong at least 10-12 people from the PSSD forum have asked to take the survey this last week, that’s great!

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Hi. I want access to the survey please.


Hi, thanks for showing up and wanting to participate. You should have received an email invite now, and can also participate via the graph icon at the top.

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I haven’t gotten the survey link yet

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You should have gotten it by now and can also access via graph icon at top. Thanks for participating.


Hey guys, another one from PSSD forum here, looking to participate in the survey :slight_smile:


That is fantastic, and welcome. You should have received the invite by now, and of course can also participate via the graph icon at the top.